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Polestar : Manufacturer Review
The ‘big three’ German luxury car makers of BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz dominated the era of combustion with some truly excellent cars.
Electric Cars February 17, 2023
Tusker Case Study: Siemens
Siemens and Tusker charge ahead with an EV focussed car benefit scheme. Siemens, the leading technology company, enjoys record engagement from its
Tusker Case Study: ScottishPower
Electric Cars February 15, 2023
Say hello to Lee - Tusker Drivers
Lee, the Health & Safety and Security Manager at Zen Internet, provides his first hand experience of driving with Tusker.  
Electric Cars February 9, 2023
Understanding salary sacrifice as the most affordable way to drive electric
The most affordable way to drive an electric car is through salary sacrifice Driving an electric vehicle (EV) can be even more
Arriving soon and stock vehicles FAQs
With factory-ordered vehicles still experiencing some delays due to various challenges such as semiconductor shortages and the conflict in Ukraine, it may
Do electric vehicles need servicing?
Do EVs need servicing in the same way as a petrol or diesel car? A common myth around Electric Vehicles is that
Employee February 8, 2023
The best of both worlds: Getting a salary sacrifice car using a cash allowance.
Why choose salary sacrifice with a cash allowance? Being offered a cash allowance by your employer in lieu of a company car,
Affordability was king for Tusker drivers in 2022
Affordability and Sustainability While battery Electric Vehicles once again made the most popular cars ordered by Tusker’s drivers in 2022, the overriding feature