We are committed to sustainability


Reducing the impact on the local environment is really important to us. That’s why encouraging employees to drive newer, greener cars can have a positive impact on making an organisation more sustainable. Since 2013, Tusker has taken measures to offset the tailpipe emissions of all salary sacrifice cars on our schemes against Verified Carbon Standard offsetting projects. This initiative also includes offsetting the charging requirements from the grid, for the electric vehicles.

Our journey towards reducing our carbon footprint dates back to 2010 when we started our carbon footprint reporting with an independent accredited auditor. During this time, we introduced our Carbon Reduction Plan and integrated it into our business strategy. Following each annual assessment and audit, we review ways to further decrease our carbon emissions while also compensating for the greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be entirely eliminated, by carbon offsetting against VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) projects. Our diligent efforts have resulted in significant reductions in emissions across all areas of our operations.

Offsetting our customer’s carbon emissions

We’re committed to driving down emissions by getting people into newer and greener cars and genuinely care about preserving the environment. We understand that it’s also high on the agenda for our customer’s, which is why we decided to give something back to decrease the impact of our cars on the environment. Uniquely within our industry, the tailpipe emissions of all the salary sacrifice cars we put on the road and all electric charge for our EVs are offset based on the mileage, term and WLPT figure of the car.

As of December 2023, our salary sacrifice drivers had offset over 337,944 tonnes of carbon!


Our Commitment to Carbon Reduction

At Tusker, we’re committed to driving down emissions by getting people into newer and more environmentally friendly cars.

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