Green Credentials


We are committed to sustainability

At Tusker, being green is very close to our hearts. Having beaten our annual carbon neutrality targets by 10% in reporting year 2020/21 we are proud to announce that we are now considered a net positive contributor to the environment. This comes after 11 consecutive years of running our business as carbon-neutral and supporting the shift towards more sustainable transport.

A Carbon Neutral Organisation

Since 2013, we have worked with Carbon Footprint to offset our carbon emissions against Verified Carbon Standard Offsetting projects. Projects have included a Landfill Gas Project in Indonesia, a Wind Power Project in India, and a Hydroelectric Project in Chile. These initiatives not only counteract carbon emissions but also help to support the local communities where the projects are based.

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Offsetting our customer’s carbon emissions

We’re committed to driving down emissions by getting people into newer and greener cars and genuinely care about preserving the environment. We understand that it’s also high on the agenda for our customer’s, which is why we decided to give something back to decrease the impact of our cars on the environment. 

Uniquely within our industry, we offset the tailpipe emissions of all the salary sacrifice cars we put on the road and all electric charge for our EV’s. As of December 2021, we had offset over 282,984 tonnes of carbon! We’re actively seeking ways to reduce the amount of carbon emitted and have had year-on-year reductions for several years.