Salary sacrifice as an…
Salary sacrifice as an…

Drive an electric car with salary sacrifice

An affordable way for employees to drive electric through an inclusive motoring package which is paid directly out of the employee’s salary. 

Salary sacrifice as an…
Salary sacrifice as an…

What is a salary sacrifice car scheme?

Just like the Cycle to Work schemes, employees can sacrifice a fixed amount of their salary each month in exchange for a brand new car. The amount is taken before income tax and National Insurance, so employees and businesses can save on the contributions they pay. Not only that, but the set monthly amount includes fully comprehensive car insurance, road tax, breakdown cover, MOT, maintenance, replacement tyres and accident assistance.

The great thing is, there are no upfront payments or deposits and after the initial exclusion period, there is no charge for early termination of the agreement if employees resign or are made redundant.  Customise a brand new car, understand exactly how much the monthly amounts will be and be confident that everything is taken care of. As the largest salary sacrifice scheme in the UK, we have 1300 customers, marketing the scheme to 1.4 million employees, with 23,000 Tusker cars currently on the road. 

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Electric Car Salary Sacrifice Scheme

Did you know salary sacrifice could be the most affordable way for you to drive electric? Tusker is on a mission to help the UK drive a better car, helping employees switch to driving electric and contributing to a brighter, more sustainable future.

Understanding Company Car Tax

As our cars are being supplied as an employee benefit, company car tax, or Benefit in Kind (BiK) will be payable.   For electric cars, Benefit in Kind tax is only 2% until 2025, rising by only 1% each year until 2028. This means you can make considerable tax savings when choosing an ultra low emission vehicles.

The amount of tax you’ll pay on your company car will depend on a number of factors. These factors include how much you earn annually, the CO2 emission bracket of the vehicle and the P11D value of the vehicle.

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Salary Sacrifice with Tusker

Say hello to a brand new car on the Tusker Car Benefit Scheme. Inclusive of motor insurance, breakdown cover and routine maintenance, all for your peace of mind.

You can personalise your brand new car to your requirements, from the colour and trim to the interior and additional features or choose one of our stock cars for quicker delivery.

With no deposit and a fixed monthly amount taken from your gross salary, salary sacrifice is the best way to drive a brand new car.

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Brand new car
Fully customisable
Motor insurance
Servicing & maintenance
Replacement tyres
Breakdown cover
No deposit
Stock cars available
24/7 driver support


One of these cars could be on your driveway

If you’ve always dreamed of driving a brand new car, it’s easy to be put off by pricey upfront costs, personal maintenance and added extras. With Tusker salary sacrifice, you can save on income tax and National Insurance contributions and benefit from an inclusive monthly amount.

We are committed to sustainability 

Tusker has been a carbon neutral business since 2013, offsetting the exhaust emissions of all of our salary sacrifice cars working with our customers to reduce their carbon footprint and work towards their sustainability goals.

We have pledged to be a fully electric fleet by 2030 by helping drivers into affordable brand new electric cars. As a reward for our efforts, we have won the Green Apple Environmental Award for Environmental Best Practice for the last few years.

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