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The Tusker Car Benefit Scheme gives your employees access to affordable cars for a fixed monthly amount. As the largest salary sacrifice scheme provider in the UK, we will work in partnership with your organisation to create a bespoke car scheme that works for your business and employee needs.

If you want to reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint and make your employees happy, we offer a cost effective solution to driving electric, offsetting any tailpipe emissions of our cars and even the charge needed for the electric cars we put on the road. The scheme is free to set up and easy to manage, even resulting in savings for your organisation if your employees take up ultra low emission vehicles. We currently have over 1,700 customers, 40,000 cars on the UK roads and offer the scheme to over 1.7 million employees.

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We know how important it is to find the right provider who will not only look after you as an organisation but also look after your employees. With 15 years’ experience in providing salary sacrifice car schemes, we pride ourselves on our award winning customer service and ensure we’re with you and your employees step by step, mile by mile.

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Discover how our market leading car scheme can help your organisation and how we’re helping over 1,700 organisation’s in the UK reduce their carbon emissions.

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Committed to the Environment

As proud members of the EV100, we are committed to transitioning our customer fleet to electric vehicles. We continually promote the range of ultra-low emission and electric vehicle options available and since 2013, Tusker has taken measures to offset the tailpipe emissions of all salary sacrifice cars on our schemes against Verified Carbon Standard offsetting projects. This initiative also includes offsetting the charging requirements from the grid, for the electric vehicles.

We take our environmental responsibility seriously and have earned accreditation from carbon offsetting specialists, The Carbon Footprint, as a Carbon Neutral Organisation for meeting their Carbon Footprint Standards from the offsetting we have done for the past 13 years.

Our Environmental Credentials

How does Tusker compare?

With 15 years’ experience, we are award winning, market leading experts when it comes to car benefit schemes in the UK. There are 100s of cars to choose from on the scheme from leading manufacturers, Tusker allows your employees to drive a better car in a cost-efficient way.

Just like Cycle to Work, monthly amounts are deducted before tax and National Insurance, which can result in great savings. When an employee chooses an electric vehicle, they will pay only 2% BIK tax, which is fixed until 2025 and then increasing by 1% each year until 2028*.

Employees don’t need to worry about routine servicing, maintenance or car insurance as this is all included within their fixed monthly amount.

A Tusker car is better by far.

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A brand new car with fixed cost motoring
Lifestyle protections for employees and organisations
All tailpipe & EV charge emissions offset
Flexible fuel type offering
Dedicated account management & marketing
Work with 1,800+ FTSE, SME and Public Sector organisations
Collectively serve 1.8+ million employees
Partnerships with leading Benefit Providers
Intuitive online platform
Market leading Single Sign-on technology
Public sector framework partnerships

Customer Case Studies

Discover how we have helped 1,700 organisations in the UK, directly from the people that matter most, our customers.

Customer Case Studies

Guidance on workplace chargers

Tusker have partnered with business electrification specialists Diode whose mission it is to break down the barriers of electric vehicle adoption.

Our partnership provides businesses with data-driven workplace charging recommendations, let employees assess EV suitability and help to make the charge point procurement process easier.

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We would love to show you we have helped 1,700 UK organisation’s reduce their carbon footprint and make their employees happy through salary sacrifice car benefit schemes.

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