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Electric Cars July 10, 2023
Plug in, charge, and drive. It's really that simple to charge an electric car.
The idea of charging an electric car can seem daunting if you are new to EVs and only ever refuelled a petrol
Electric Cars June 14, 2023
Driving your electric car
Tusker’s last annual survey showed that while EVs are fast becoming accepted by the majority of motorists, there were still a number
Are electric cars good for the environment?
Sales of electric cars rose globally by 40% in 2022, and with 276,203 new EVs hitting the roads in the last 12
Driving to Belgium, in an electric car
Electric Cars September 29, 2022
Charging an electric car on the road, by Nat Barnes
Electric Cars April 1, 2022
Charging an electric car at home, by Nat Barnes
Electric Cars March 15, 2022
Electric Cars August 13, 2021
Tusker's top ten tips for driving an EV in summer
With the thermometer set to rise again for the second half of August, many UK families are pushing their summer escapes back
Electric Cars May 19, 2021
Majority of electric drivers could cover their weekly mileage on a single charge according to new Tusker survey
Average range of EVs available with Tusker is currently 231 miles: 85% of drivers could survive on a single charge per week
Electric Cars March 10, 2021
6 Electric car myths busted!
A recent survey showed that there were still a number of misconceptions surrounding electric vehicles. The reality is, that electric vehicles are