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    Ultra Low Emission Vehicles

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    Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles

    There’s never been a better time to get an Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) through the Car Benefit Scheme. ULEVs have evolved dramatically over the last few years, giving you more choice than ever with manufacturers regularly releasing new and improved models. There’s now a whole host of contemporary, eco-friendly alternatives to traditional cars right at your fingertips.

    What is a ULEV?

    A ULEV is a vehicle that emits 75g or less of carbon dioxide per kilometre. They now come in various types to suit most lifestyle needs. Have a look through the different types below.

    • Electric vehicles (EVs) – these are solely electric and run off an electric motor using electrical energy stored in their batteries (or another energy storage device). With a standard range of up to 100 miles, these cars are most suitable for short journeys, such as commuting to work and doing the school run.
    • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) – these vehicles run off both a traditional engine and an electric motor. They can be driven on both the engine and motor at the same time or individually – a great design that suits most lifestyle needs. On average you can drive around 30 miles on electric before moving onto the engine. The driver has the option to choose whether to drive electric, use the fuel engine or a combination of both.
    • Range Extenders – these vehicles run off an electric motor. The difference here is that there’s an onboard petrol-powered auxiliary motor. This motor generates electricity which kicks in to charge the battery when its running low, adding extra miles when you want to drive further afield.

    Great Savings

    Helping the environment and making great savings too.

    Support from the Government to incentivise people to choose ULEVs over traditional cars means that by taking a ULEV through the scheme, you can make even better savings through Income Tax and National Insurance than you can through other cars.

    On top of this you’ll also make fantastic savings in fuel. Driving 100 miles in a petrol or diesel car costs around £12 to £18, whereas in a fully charged electric vehicle you’re only looking at around £2 to £3.


    How do I charge my ULEV?

    Charging your ULEV has never been easier, the tables below detail the different chargers and the charge times.

    Slow chargers (up to 3kw)

    • Most units have a standard 3-pin or Commando supply-side socket – alternatively units provide a tethered cable with a non-removable Type 1 connector
    • Full charge in typically 6 – 8 hours
    • Over 2,600 slow connectors available across the UK

    The Fast Charge (7-22kW) Bay

    • Most units have a Type 2 or Commando supply-side socket – occasionally, units provide a tethered cable with a non-removable Type 1 or Type 2 connector
    • Charging usually takes 3-4 hours
    • Over 6,900 fast connectors available across the UK

    The Rapid AC Charge (Up to 43kw) Bay

    • All units provide a tethered cable with a non-removable Type 2 connector
    • Charging usually takes 30-60 minutes for an 80% charge
    • Over 670 rapid AC connectors available across the UK

    The Rapid DC Charge (Up to 50kw) Bay

    • All units provide a tethered cable with a non-removable JEVS (CHAdeMO) or CCS (Combo) vehicle connector
    • Charging usually takes approx. 30 minutes for an 80% charge (depending on battery capacity)
    • Over 1,400 rapid DC connectors available across the UK

    Charging at Home

    Home charging unit

    • For extra convenience and faster charging, you may be able to install a specialised home charging unit. Just be aware that if you don’t own your home or if you live in a flat or apartment this may not be possible.

    Domestic socket

    • Full charge in typically 6 – 8 hours
    • As long as an electrician gives you the go ahead and you have the right connectors, you could plug straight into a domestic socket like any other appliance.

    To help with the cost of installing your home charge point and to add to your savings, we’ve negotiated a special discount with ChargedEV. Starting from just £149 you could get an extra £20 off if you quote ‘Tusker’ when placing your order with them. The offer is also available to family and friends who have a ULEV. Click here to find out more about ChargedEV and what they have to offer.*

    *Based on standard installation, ChargedEV Terms and Conditions apply if it falls outside of the standard installation procedures. Correct at time of publishing. Tusker do not have a relationship with ChargedEV and cannot be held accountable for the service levels they provide.

    Charging Cables

    When ordering your car, you should check what charging cable (if any) is included within your quote and consider whether you would like to add a fast charge cable to it.

    Choosing a Tesla?

    Tesla currently offer their own supercharger stations, destination charging and home charging installation for all Tesla vehicles. To find out more click here

    Browse ULEVS


    • What does ULEV stand for?
      Ultra-Low emissions vehicle
    • Do ULEVs have really limited range?
      Not anymore! Nowadays ULEVs can travel 30 to 100 miles on one charge. Range Extenders double that, and with PHEVs can cover more than 400 miles.
    • Are ULEVs expensive?
      No, they are now more affordable than ever. Fantastic savings can be made as there are still great Income Tax and National Insurance savings and it costs much less to charge a car than to fill up with fuel.
    • Are there many public charging points and is there an easy way of finding them?
      There are more than 12,000 public charging locations around the UK, with more being installed daily. There's a number of websites and recharge networks popping up all the time, so you'll always know where you can charge your car. Zap-Map and Open Charge Map are two really helpful sites.
    • Do ULEVs take a long time to charge?
      No. In fact, most ULEVs can now reach 80 percent charge in just 30 minutes, when you use a Rapid Charge point. A standard home charge point fully charges in just 6-8 hours.
    • Are ULEVs complicated to drive?
      Not at all. Most ULEVs do not have conventional gears, you simply turn them on, push the accelerator and go. Hybrids and electric-range extended vehicles may have traditional transmission systems and some models have different driving options to suit your driving style.
    • How powerful are they?
      An electric engine provides you with almost constant torque for fast acceleration. The performance is relatively equal to traditional cars, however the range is not indefinite and the batteries require charging.
    • How long do ULEV batteries last for?
      This depends on the ULEV you choose - most use a lithium-iron-phosphate battery which lasts an average of ten years. For more accurate information on a model’s battery lifespan, please refer to the manufacturer’s website.

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    If you would like help placing an order or you are an existing driver.