Finding the right Electric Car for you

The adoption of electric car’s has massively increased over the last few years with manufacturers bringing out more models and increasing the ranges on electric cars to better suit your lifestyle.

Below you will find a range of small, mid size and SUV style electric cars from leading manufacturers. Depending on your lifestyle, there are short and long range options to choose from, with most new EVs averaging at 250 miles of range per charge.

All cars below are part of the Tusker Car Benefit Scheme.

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Small Cars

If you are looking for a car to drive the kids to school or pop into town, then a small electric car may be right for you. With electric car range from 118 to 266 miles, there are plenty of different options when switching to your first EV.

Mid Size Cars

For those needing to regularly need to venture from home for work and who need something a bit more practical, an electric hatchback could be for you. Vehicles with ranges of over 200 miles will comfortably cover commuting and the school-run.

Large Cars

Many of us have long commutes into work, but that doesn’t mean an EV can’t work for you. Some electric cars have a range of around 300 miles or more with the ability to rapid charge and with new technology and models, driving in an EV can be a more comfortable experience with a longer commute.

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Use our online tool to determine if you could switch to an electric car. We take into account your mileage and access to a charge point to determine if an EV can fit into your lifestyle and what make makes and models would be best for you.

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Installing a Home Charge Point

Find out more about installing a Home Charge Point, from the different types of Charge Points to how to arrange installation.

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FAQ’s about EV’s