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September 29, 2023

Meet our Drivers: Colin Dart from Exeter University

Meet our Drivers: Colin Dart from Exeter University

Mazda MX-30


Colin Dart, Technology Manager for SETSquared at Exeter University took delivery of his Mazda MX-30 in November 2021 and has been enjoying low cost driving thanks to his Tusker car ever since. With his previous car coming to the end of its life, Colin was looking for a new car which would meet the needs of his family, but also save him money and be reliable for his 50 mile commute each day. Having previously bought his cars, Colin was unfamiliar with salary sacrifice or the leasing alternatives available to him but had heard about the option of the Tusker scheme from his organisation’s email bulletin.

Colin explains,

“I’d always wanted a new car, for reliability reasons, but hadn’t been able to justify the expense of a new car. When my employer told us about the Tusker scheme, it was attractive as it’s a fixed cost, so there aren’t any surprises. I needed something which would be reliable for my commute, as well as comfortable, and where I wouldn’t have to worry in the event that something went wrong.”

Without a specific car in mind, Colin accessed the Tusker website via his benefits portal and had a look at a few cars which met his criteria and his budget. Colin comments,

“I wanted an EV – as a family we’re increasingly eco-conscious, but I also wanted a car which was value for money. As someone who hadn’t really enjoyed driving in the past, I wanted to make my commute as comfortable and easy as possible. I looked at a number of cars which were within budget and then took a few for a test drive.”

Colin continues,

The Tusker site made it simple to do side by side comparisons on the site, so I could compare the specifications on the cars. I then looked at some online reviews on independent sites and came back with a short-list.”

The Tusker Employee Engagement Team were also on hand to help Colin when he wanted further clarification on wait times and to answer his questions on the process. They were able to manage his expectations and Colin explains,

“All I had to do then was accept the quote and wait.”

Colin and his family have been very pleased with their car and the service from Tusker and are likely to order a new car with Tusker when their current agreement ends. 

“We definitely want to stay with an electric car. We need a bigger car for the family and to cope with all of our travels and so we’ll opt for one with more range next time. It’s been a great experience driving an EV with Tusker as it’s been so easy. The car is comfortable and responsive, gives a great performance, and the Tusker experience has been hassle-free.”

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