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May 22, 2024

Matt at Henry Boot – “Straightforward Motoring”

Matt at Henry Boot – “Straightforward Motoring”

“Straightforward motoring”

Matt, a Director and Head of Region at HBD was looking to switch to an electric vehicle and selected the new Skoda Enyaq as it was the best fit for Matt’s family of 4, plus 2 dogs and camping gear!
The Enyaq has a good range (circa 250 miles ‘real world’), and is good value for money in terms of its build quality. Having heard about Tusker’s Car Benefit Scheme which currently includes a low electric vehicle BIK rate of 2% until April 2025, Matt placed his order in May ‘21 and received his car 4 months later.

“The cost savings have been good and the process was really straightforward. I’d recommend the scheme to colleagues who are looking for a way to reduce their carbon footprint and to reduce fuel costs.”

The process of ordering Matt’s car was simple, “the website was easy to use, and the quotes were provided quickly” with the car being delivered to Matt’s home address. The experience of switching to an electric vehicle has been positive, he has found the cost of charging to be very affordable, particularly in a backdrop of record-breaking fuel costs. He continues “Longer journeys do need to be more carefully planned, making sure you have available chargepoints along your route and time to charge. But apps like Zapmap and ChargePlace Scotland are very helpful for showing drivers available chargepoints in their area”.

Matt did note he has seen improvements in the charging infrastructure, and expects this to continue as more people begin driving electric vehicles and the government
encourages further investment in support of it’s ‘Road to Zero’ plans for 2035.

Matt’s overall experience of Tusker’s Car Benefit Scheme has been positive.