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June 28, 2024

“It’s totally hassle free!” – Nick at British Engines

“It’s totally hassle free!” – Nick at British Engines

Polestar 2

Nick Goddard, New Product Introduction Manager at Stephenson Gobin is a driver on the Tusker scheme at British Engines. He tells us about his experiences with his new car.

“It’s all been going very smoothly, anytime I’ve had a problem, the guys at Tusker have sorted it out really quickly, not that there have been any real problems with the car.”

Our chat with Nick happened to be on the same day as he was getting new tyres fitted for the  first time in 3 years of having the car. Nick was so delighted, he told us “it’s a real good selling point that as part of the scheme you don’t have to even think about things like tyres, insurance, any of the running costs.”

Top service on replacement tyres

Nick told us about the excellent experience he received today when he got his replacement tyres. “Tusker organised for Kwik Fit to come to site, fit my tyres, all I had to do was nip out of the carpark to unlock my car with the keys.” Tusker takes away the fear of an EV “I wouldn’t have taken the plunge – I would’ve been nervous to get an electric car without having the financial incentive of doing it through the scheme because I was worried about range anxiety, what model do I buy, if I buy one now what is it going to be worth in 3 years time, if I buy a second hand one how long am I going to get out of the battery, so going with the scheme and getting a brand new car took all that worry and anxiety out of the process. That made it a lot easier for me.”

Jaw-dropping cost savings

At times when the cost of living is high, it’s perhaps unsurprising that savings are high on the list of priorities when it comes to choosing a new car. Nick has found the car scheme to be very cost effective. He commented that “It’s a lot cheaper” especially as he changed his electricity tariff. Nick told us that he now gets 4 hours of charging every night on roughly 8p kw/h. Nick does around 12 and a half thousand miles a year, previously he’d be filling his diesel car up every other week, costing him around £60-70, so he’s seeing significant savings.

Shopping for a brand-new car

Nick chose the Polestar 2 from Tusker website, eventually deciding that it’s features suited him over the Tesla Model 3.

Raving experience review for our Customer Services team

When he booked his replacement tyres, Nick did this over the phone to our team in office. He told us; “It was completely straightforward. They gave me the opportunity to either go to the local Kwik-fit or come to my work, obviously it’s a lot more convenient for them to come to work and do it here. So, I just waited for a time when I knew I wasn’t going anywhere that day, organised the company to come here, they were in and out no time at all, it was great”.

Hassle-free car scheme

Nick was looking for a car which would be easy for him to manage. Nick told us that this was the reason he chose the car scheme.

“It’s totally hassle free. Sign up and everything’s done for you. No worries, no concerns about maintenance, insurance, depreciation, anything. Just a simply monthly amount once you’ve signed up.”