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March 1, 2024

Great new staff benefit at Spire View Housing Association

Great new staff benefit at Spire View Housing Association

Spire View Housing Association offering new great benefit for staff

Following an extensive review of the market, Spire View have appointed Tusker, the UK’s leading salary sacrifice car scheme provider, to deliver their new car benefit scheme.

The challenge

Recruiting and retaining staff is a challenge for organisations across the UK and offering employee benefits is considered one of the main ways to do so. Spire View felt that the key to retaining good staff and fostering a good culture can be assisted with the implementation of a car scheme which would help employees into a brand new car, when they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford to.

Being a smaller organisation, Spire View found that a number of benefits providers weren’t willing to offer the scheme, as the minimum criteria wouldn’t have been achieved. They were keen to implement a new benefit which wouldn’t cost the organisation any money.

Spire View was also keen to ensure that any new products met with regulatory and other standards.

The implementation

Spire View felt that offering a new car scheme for their employees was the next step in offering tangible employee benefits which offered great value for their staff. Already offering cycle to work schemes and childcare vouchers, salary sacrifice was a familiar process which could be applied to the car scheme.

Having conducted a review of various providers offering a salary sacrifice car scheme, Spire View decided that Tusker, thanks to their market-leading position, the pricing of the cars, the explanation of how the scheme works, and the passing back of uncapped savings, meant they were the right provider for this scheme.

Tusker’s team presented the scheme to Spire View and was able to provide extensive information which was required to refer to their Management Committee. Thanks to the comprehensive details, the approval was very straightforward.

Fiona Murphy, Director at Spire View, comments, “The implementation with Tusker is possibly the easiest we’ve done with any provider.” She continues, “the team at Tusker met with us regularly with a project plan which detailed where responsibilities lay and the next steps so everyone was kept up to date and it made it really simple to get the benefit up and running really quickly.”

“We thought that the legal process would be a little tricky as it often is with these things, but it was really straightforward and approved quickly for signing” she added.

The results

Following the launch of the car scheme in November 2023, more than 35% of the Spire View team have logged in to view the cars available and the first has already been delivered (as of January 2024). Interest has been strong and many people are thinking of making the switch to the car scheme when their leases expire in the coming months.

The Tusker scheme enables employees to drive a brand new car, complete with insurance, breakdown cover, maintenance and replacement tyres, while making savings in tax and NI. Organisations can also make savings in NI when the employee takes a zero-emission car on the scheme. For more information on launching a scheme with Tusker, click here