Electric Cars December 1, 2023
Will the changes to National Minimum Wage and National Insurance affect the car scheme?
The impact of the Autumn Statement on the salary sacrifice scheme Will the change to the National Minimum Wage affect car salary
West Mercia Police minimise scope 3 emissions
Launching a new car scheme Looking to provide their staff with an affordable way to drive electric, West Mercia Police have implemented
Employer October 19, 2023
Tusker & Siemens Car Scheme
Find out why Siemens launched their salary sacrifice scheme with Tusker.  
Electric Cars September 28, 2023
The Future of Electric Cars
What does the future look like for electric cars? Electric cars made up more than 16% of all cars bought in 2022,
Employer July 13, 2023
What is Corporate Social Responsibility and why does it matter?
Why is Corporate Social Responsibility important? Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR as it’s also known, is more than just ‘doing the right
Electric Cars July 10, 2023
Tusker enjoys record six months adding 240 new accounts and 8,500 cars to its fleet
More than 1.5 million employees can now access Tusker’s salary sacrifice car benefits scheme 91% deliveries between January and June are plug-in,
Employer July 7, 2023
Nicholas Postgate Catholic Academy Trust Case Study.
Overview Nicholas Postgate Catholic Academy Trust is a collective of 38 schools based across Teesside, North Yorkshire and the City of York.
Electric Cars June 7, 2023
Tusker deliver 1,000 EVs to British Airways’ colleagues
Tusker deliver 1,000 EVs to British Airways’ colleagues Salary sacrifice EV scheme drives sustainable commuting, offering colleagues across the airline the opportunity
Electric Cars March 21, 2023
What are the new advisory fuel rates for electric cars?
What are Advisory Fuel Rates? Advisory Fuel Rates (AFRs) are the Government’s recommended rates for reimbursing employees’ fuel costs. Company car drivers