Electric Cars

Electric Cars June 20, 2023
How can drivers help the environment?
Drivers of EVs and hybrids may think their positive environmental impact is small. However, as detailed below, simply driving these cars can
Electric Cars June 16, 2023
Choosing between a Hybrid or Electric Car
Thanks to constant innovations in the automotive industry, the choice between an electric or hybrid car is a difficult one. The decision
Electric Cars June 14, 2023
Are electric cars good for the environment?
Sales of electric cars rose globally by 40% in 2022, and with 276,203 new EVs hitting the roads in the last 12
Electric Cars June 7, 2023
Tusker deliver 1,000 EVs to British Airways’ colleagues
Tusker deliver 1,000 EVs to British Airways’ colleagues Salary sacrifice EV scheme drives sustainable commuting, offering colleagues across the airline the opportunity
Electric Cars May 23, 2023
A Day in the Life of an EV Driver
Making the change from a petrol car, to an electric car Harry, our Digital Marketing Manager, recently became an EV driver, switching
Electric Cars April 21, 2023
Salary Sacrifice Schemes and the Cost of Living Crisis.
Savvy motorists use salary sacrifice schemes to drive electric to help cost of living rises. With price increases dominating news stories for
Electric Cars March 28, 2023
Everything you need to know about the new Ford Explorer EV
The world of electric SUVs is becoming a densely populated place with just about every manufacturer capitalising on their popularity. The new
New electric SUVs causing a buzz in 2023
Jeep Avenger Jeeps are arguably the father of all 4×4 vehicles on the road today, and its cars have continued a stoic
Electric Cars March 27, 2023
How you can get behind the wheel of an electric car
Are you one of the thousands of drivers who would love their next car to be electric but feel that the price