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June 28, 2024

Case study: Daily Mail Group

Case study: Daily Mail Group

We caught up with Janette Shaw, Head of Reward for the Daily Mail Group to find out how the Tusker Car Benefit Scheme has been going for their 1,736 eligible employees.

So, Janette, what was it about the Tusker scheme that made you decide to provide it for your UK employees?

“We had decided to offer a Car Scheme to our employees as part of our comprehensive benefits package so had contacted several providers in the UK and asked them to present their offerings to us. We then shortlisted three companies and Tusker were the eventual winners of the service.”

What was it about the Tusker scheme which stood out from the competition?

“Tusker are the biggest provider in the UK having started the salary sacrifice for cars scheme so they were always going to be a contender, but their competitive pricing as well as the lifestyle protections they offer were the biggest factors. We must consider the risks of offering benefits and the protections really do mitigate those for us.”

Were there any challenges in launching the scheme? Was it simple to do?

“Tusker led the process throughout the implementation, including working with our legal teams and external advisors to ensure everyone was comfortable with the contractual side of things. Tusker have so much experience with this that it was all completed smoothly”

What’s feedback been like from your employees?

“We have received really positive feedback about the scheme particularly from those wanting a fully-electric vehicle. The scheme made it simple and safe for them to order their chosen car.”

What are the main benefits for your organisation?

“We’re keen to maximise employee engagement and retention, which offering tangible benefits such as the car scheme is proven to do. It also fits with our Corporate Responsibility Environmental Policy which is key for us – as Tusker’s scheme is carbon neutral, it will help us meet our targets.”

What’s the take up been like among employees?

“The scheme has now been running for more than 3 years and already we’ve seen over 46% of employees logging in to take a look at the cars available, with 72 placing orders already. It’s been more popular than expected, particularly with electric vehicles as 89% of orders are for fully electric cars, which is great!”

Daily Mail Group don’t only have this scheme, they also have a second scheme with us and some drivers have more than one car. This gives their employees more freedom and extra benefits for them or their family to enjoy a brand new car.