Salary Sacrifice
June 25, 2024

Case Study: AECOM

Case Study: AECOM


We caught up with Clair Sears, Benefits Manager for the UK and Ireland for AECOM to find out how the Tusker Car Benefit Scheme has been going for their 6,074 eligible employees.

So, Clair, what was it about the Tusker scheme that made you decide to provide it for your UK employees?

“Tusker contacted us and explained some of the benefits for the company as well as for our employees as they were already working with our flexible benefits platform. They highlighted how simple it was to integrate with the benefits we already had available so it made it really easy for us as a business.”

So it was simple to do?

“Really simple. Tusker led the process at every step of the way, and where there were challenges with the driver proof documents and our internal systems, Tusker worked to improve the process for us. It really has been very easy to set up and manage.”

How does the scheme fit with your business priorities?

“We are keen to reduce our impact on the environment and have a number of policies in place to minimise our carbon emissions as part of sustainability initiatives. Cars obviously have an impact on the environment but Tusker were able to tailor the scheme to meet with our sustainability priorities as well which was important and so we have an ULEV-only car scheme to encourage greener driving.”

How has the scheme been received by employees?

“It’s been a really positive addition to our benefits offering with a lot of people excited to get a car on the scheme. Over 86% of employees have logged in and looked at the cars available to them and over 270 people have a car now on order, which is great.”

What benefits have you seen to your organisation on launching the scheme?

“In addition to the sustainability priorities which the scheme fits with, we are confident of achieving considerable National Insurance contribution savings this year and into the future thanks to the way the scheme operates on salary sacrifice.”

Tusker provide AECOM employees with the option to have a brand new electric car, complete with insurance, road tax, servicing and maintenance, breakdown cover and replacement tyres, along with a host of lifestyle protections.