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June 30, 2020
Does an electric car need an MOT?
Yes, Like all cars, electric cars still have to pass an MOT after they’re three years old because the MOT is an
How long does it take to charge an electric car?
The time it takes to charge an electric car varies from more twelve hours to as little as half an hour from
Where can I charge my car?
You can either charge your car with a home charging point or a public charging point. The number of available public charging
What charging cable comes with my car?
This varies between manufacturers so please check under the options section on our car quoting system and ensure it’s ticked as an
Do I have to own my home to get a chargepoint installed?
No, you don’t need to own your property to have a charging point installed but you do need permission from the homeowner.
How do I know if I can get a home chargepoint?
Before an electric charging point can be installed at your home, installers tend to carry out a home suitability survey. They assess
How much does a home chargepoint cost?
This will vary depending on the type of installation required, the installation company you use and the type of home charging point
How long will it take to get an electric charging point?
This will vary depending on the home suitability survey, availability of assessment appointments and turnaround of paperwork but is generally 4-6 weeks.
How much does it cost to charge an electric car?
Charging costs will vary depending on your electricity tariff if charging at home or the public charge point you use. On average,