Where can I charge my car?

You can either charge your car with a home charging point or a public charging point. The number of available public charging points is constantly increasing and there are currently more than 30,000. Plus, the Government has invested heavily in electric vehicle infrastructure. There are a number of maps and apps on the internet (such as which show where charging points are located in the UK and across Europe. Simply search by your postcode and all the charging points close to you will show on the map. Some maps will also show whether the points are in use or out of order allowing you to plan ahead for your journey.

If you have off street parking, it’s very likely that you can get an electric chargepoint installed at your home. You may also be able to qualify for a Government grant that pays for 75% of the price and installation cost of a home chargepoint, up to a maximum of £350. Currently you can apply for a grant for each electric car you own, although this is limited to two vehicles.

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