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An affordable way to drive electric. Offer an inclusive motoring package which is paid directly out of your employee’s salary. 

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Salary Sacrifice – Driving the EV Revolution

Education and advocacy are a core part of Tusker’s approach to implementing green salary-sacrifice car benefits schemes, with the aim of continuing to drive its fleet emissions to zero ahead of 2030. As part of this, Tusker carries out annual far-reaching national surveys of drivers, as a means of gauging the sentiment of the UK’s motorists towards vehicle use, vehicle purchasing and EV adoption.

This report, gathered from an independent nationwide survey of 2000 drivers, provides the latest market intelligence and trends around drivers and their views, and combines it with Tusker’s learnings and insight gained over the last 20 years of company car scheme provision.

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With a huge range of vehicles to choose from, different fuel options available and amazing savings when you go green, Tusker allows your employees to drive a better car in the most cost-efficient way. We have over 20,000 cars on the road and we were the first to provide a salary sacrifice car benefit scheme in the UK with flexible car agreements from 2 to 4 years.

Just like Cycle to Work, monthly amounts are reduced before income tax and National Insurance, which can result in great savings. Employees don’t have to worry about paying any extra for routine servicing and with dedicated account and marketing executives the scheme is easy to manage.

A Tusker car is better by far. When an employee chooses a hybrid or electric vehicle, employers can make great savings on National Insurance.  We can also help with home and work charging points.


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No upfront deposit
Car insurance
Breakdown cover
Servicing, repair and MOT
Replacement tyres
Offsetting of tailpipe emissions
Offsetting of electric charge emissions
Dedicated marketing
24/7 support
Award winning customer service
Assistance with home and work charging points

FTSE 100

We work with leading FTSE 100 companies and top energy providers to give their employees a brand new, fully-maintained and insured car for an affordable, fixed monthly amount.  Our scheme is geared up for success with dedicated customer service and marketing teams. Make Class 1 NI Savings with electric and hybrid cars, with free carbon offsetting against tailpipe emissions and EV charging.

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NHS and Public Sector Services

Our salary sacrifice scheme is offered to circa. 50% of all UK NHS Trusts along with some of the largest UK Police forces, Fire & Rescue services and Government bodies. With access to 4 out of 5 Public Sector frameworks we are able to provide an easy and compliant launch along with a seamless tender process. Plus, we’ve got everything you need to service the benefit, enhance take up and maximise returns.

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