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Electric Cars March 21, 2023
What are the new advisory fuel rates for electric cars?
What are Advisory Fuel Rates? Advisory Fuel Rates (AFRs) are the Government’s recommended rates for reimbursing employees’ fuel costs. Company car drivers
Electric Cars July 1, 2020
Understanding the impact of clean air zones for businesses
The introduction of clean air zones to cities around the UK is another expense that will soon eat into organisations’ profit margins.
Employer August 5, 2019
Technology you need for a great benefit communications strategy
Having a fantastic communications plan is all well and good but without the right technology to support it, you could be looking
Employer June 24, 2019
Company car fleets by numbers
There’s nothing like the data to tell you what’s going on in the world of company cars. We reveal the stats and
Employer April 22, 2019
Make your business more attractive with an employer value proposition
What’s in it for me? It’s the burning question in most candidates’ minds as they consider their next career move. If your
Employer April 15, 2019
The weirdest employee benefits from around the world
With many companies benchmarking their employee benefits and providing similar perks, companies really need to go the extra mile to make their
Employer April 12, 2019
Developing a car policy that keeps everyone happy
Cars are an important part of people’s lives which makes your company car policy an emotive topic. Then there’s a whole heap
Employer December 3, 2018
Employer responsibilities for work-related driving
“Almost a quarter of business leaders with road-going employees are leaving themselves vulnerable to reputational damage, heavy fines and even corporate manslaughter