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Employer October 2, 2022
Tusker car benefits schemes aiding long term sustainability goals for large corporations
In the last six months, major financial services, energy, and infrastructure groups have engaged Tusker to provide a car benefits scheme to
Employer March 8, 2022
Salary Sacrifice- it's no sacrifice at all
Salary Sacrifice, it’s no sacrifice at all   With a current fleet of over 20,000 cars, 95% of which are on salary
Employer November 8, 2019
Balancing business needs with employee benefits feedback
66% of employees say that benefits are as or more important than salary when it comes to attraction and retention. So, when
Employer October 25, 2019
Building ethical benefits that work for everyone
Benefits are only beneficial if your employees want them. However, 50% of employers do not believe their benefits offering meets the needs
Employer July 22, 2019
How to communicate employee benefits brilliantly - part 2
A big bang benefit launch is bound to be accompanied by fantastic communications. But what happens after that? For employee benefits to
How to communicate employee benefits brilliantly - part 1
At Tusker, we believe effective comms are the key to getting the best from your benefit programmes. Which is why we’ve written
Employer May 13, 2019
How personalised benefits attract and retain staff
Your employees are used to personalisation as consumers and they’re beginning to expect the same level of individualisation at work. Suddenly, one-size-fits-all
Employer April 29, 2019
Maximise the value from your employee benefit programme
When the future is uncertain, every element of your organisation’s costs come under scrutiny, including employee benefits. Demonstrating value for money has
Employer April 26, 2019
How employee benefits help you retain staff and save £30K per new hire
£30,500 is the average cost of replacing an employee. For a business of 500 people with an annual turnover rate of 19% that’s