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June 11, 2017

Behind the Scheme: Your Move

Behind the Scheme: Your Move

Your Move

Enhancing their benefit package

When Your Move decided to enhance its benefits package for staff in 2015, there was one provider who really stood out from the others. During the tender process, Tusker, market leaders in Car Benefit Schemes, demonstrated their considerable knowledge of the industry, together with expertise in providing a comprehensive scheme to meet with the organisation’s requirements.

Tusker’s Car Benefit Scheme is open to all eligible employees and provides them with a brand new car, complete with insurance, road tax, breakdown cover, maintenance, servicing and tyres, for a fixed monthly amount. Employees exchange part of their salary for a new car, and save on National Insurance contributions.

The organisation launched its Car Benefit Scheme with Tusker in July 2015 and demand for cars on the scheme has been steady ever since.

Ben Thomas, Rewards and Benefits Manager says that there were a number of factors which made Tusker the successful applicant, he says

“Tusker’s team gave us a lot of confidence and they were able to put a range of protections in place for us which was important, as well as using technology to deliver an excellent end-user experience. It’s enabled us to provide our employees a car as part of their role, no matter what their job title or level, which is important for those areas of the business where traditionally a car wouldn’t have been offered.”

Your Move originally identified the need for enhancements to their benefits package when monitoring employee turnover and engagement levels, Ben comments,

“The car scheme helps us with attracting the right people for key roles across the business, as well as with engaging with existing staff. It’s an important addition to our benefits package.”

Tusker pride themselves on using their expertise to provide a comprehensive package with minimal involvement from the customer. It’s certainly been the case for Your Move as Ben confirms,

“It’s been low maintenance from our side of things. Drivers go onto the Tusker system and order their vehicle direct, and their cars are delivered with minimal involvement from us. It’s a simple process to create an account, and Tusker look after things thereafter. With award-winning customer services to respond to any queries from drivers and customers, Your Move have been impressed with the support they’ve received from the team at Tusker.

Ben comments,

“It’s quite unusual for a benefits provider to provide so much in the way of marketing support – Tusker are always happy to tailor things to suit our business and it really shows – they also provide a lot of the materials which makes communicating the scheme so much easier for us as a business.”

Salary sacrifice schemes, including car schemes had changes imposed by the Government in April 2017 and as a result, Tusker have worked hard to dispel myths surrounding the changes and the impact it will have on individual drivers. Tusker’s research shows that most employees will not be affected. Ben concludes,

“Tusker have been proactive in communicating the changes that the Government have made, which has meant that our employees are completely informed of the impact to them – however minimal it may be..”