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Tusker pledges support for BVRLA’s #SeetheBenefit

Tusker is pledging its support for the BVRLA’s #See the Benefit campaign which is urging the Chancellor to keep Benefit-in-Kind (BIK) rates low after the current 2024/25 cut-off.

It will be attending BVRLA’s July campaign event in Westminster which has been set up to educate MPs as to the importance of keeping BIK rates low to retain the momentum of EV adoption post 2025.

Tusker’s salary sacrifice car benefits scheme has seen a big move to electric and low emission vehicles over the past two years, with ULEVs now accounting for 90% of Tusker’s current order bank.

But, as Tusker CEO Paul Gilshan comments, a more long-term view on BIK taxation is needed if companies and drivers are going to continue to put Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption at the heart of their car benefit schemes.

“All the signs are that the UK has made a strong start towards moving its drivers to EVs aided by attractive tax rates, but we still have a very long way to go. Companies and drivers looking to adopt EVs want a long-term view of what their future taxes will look like. Drivers want peace of mind to support their decision to switch away from petrol and diesel cars and if they get that, they are likely to make that move sooner rather than later. This will help accelerate EV adoption as the industry moves to its 2035 deadline,” he said.

Tusker will also be encouraging companies to write to their local MP using BVRLA’s pre-written letter to add further weight to the campaign prior to the Autumn Budget which individuals are able to do at LINK.

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