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Sustainability Today’s Company of the Year

Following a year of exceptional results in its core business of the provision of environmentally conscious salary sacrifice car benefits schemes, and in recognition of its outstanding commitment to the environment, we are delighted to announce Tusker as our Company of the Year for 2022.

Specialising in the provision of salary sacrifice car schemes for companies of all sizes, Tusker continues to make a positive environmental impact both for the drivers and companies it serves, thanks to its stellar record in carbon neutrality since 2010.

Earlier this year, Tusker went further still, announcing it had offset more carbon than their cars were responsible for, and had surpassed the milestone of offsetting more than 250,000 tonnes of carbon via Verified Carbon Standard programs.

Furthermore, from 2022 onwards, Tusker has expanded its carbon offsetting to include the emissions produced through the charging of its EVs, which are calculated using UK grid averages. By using the ‘worst case scenario’ emissions in these calculations, Tusker is ensuring that it offsets appropriately for all EV customers and not just those on green energy tariffs.

Paul Gilshan, Tusker’s was delighted to receive the award on behalf of the company.

“Ensuring the sustainability of our choices as a business has been a cornerstone of Tusker’s operations since 2009, it’s at the heart of everything we do. In championing the benefits of salary sacrifice as the most economical means of EV adoption right from the start, we are proud to have made a substantial difference to the employee benefits landscape the U.K. helping drivers into new, affordable, and environmentally friendly vehicles. For many of our drivers it’s the first time they’ve driven a brand new car, let alone an EV, as the average age of the vehicle they move from is over 8 years’ old.”

“This award comes in the same month in which we have announced that we are on course to achieve a zero-emission fleet ahead of the national target and that we have also surpassed the milestone of offsetting more than 250,000 tonnes of carbon emissions while doing so. To be awarded Company of the Year by Sustainability Today is a testament to our ongoing commitment to the environment and it’s an award of which we are very proud.”

“Whether an employee salary sacrifice car scheme or a more traditional company fleet, we offer a full range of leasing services to companies of all sizes, including contract hire and daily rental options. While we have always offered unrivalled individual benefits, Tusker is also the only company to offset tailpipe emissions AND all emissions produced by our EV drivers who may not have access to green tariffs for charging.

“We do this using the Verified Carbon Standard offsetting project, which ensures measurable carbon offsetting, recorded by internationally recognised bodies. We offer this offset as standard across our contracts, whether for EV, hybrid, or ICE vehicles, with Tusker, drivers can be confident that their vehicle driving is carbon-free, and that it’s not just a case of corporate grandstanding.”

“This recognition of Tusker’s sustainability profile marks a tremendous achievement for the company, it is one which we believe goes unrivalled within the leasing industry. As a proud member of the EV100 group of companies and a founding partner of World EV Day in 2020, we are pleased to have helped some of the UK’s major fleet owners significantly lower their emissions through our innovative schemes. We count large blue-chip companies such as EQUANS, British Airways, EDF and Astra Zeneca among our customers, as well as hundreds of other smaller businesses. There is no fleet too big or too small to gain from a car benefits package.”

“While the EV revolution is underway amongst our customers, we are very aware that an electric car may not be the best possible solution for every driver. To ensure that no one is ever in a vehicle that is unsuitable for their needs, we have a team of independent, impartial experts on hand to review car choices with every single customer. We know that some people still aren’t ready or able to go electric, but as we still cover these motorists through our carbon offsetting program so everyone can be assured that they are motoring sustainably. On top of this, for those new to EVs, the same team is on hand to help customers better understand batteries, charging and range options, to take any possible stress or confusion out of their first foray into driving electric.”

“When it comes to Salary Sacrifice schemes, the numbers don’t lie, we currently have a fleet of more than 20,000 cars, of which more than 95% are on salary sacrifice schemes. We work with more than 900 organisations across the UK, including NHS Trusts, local authorities, and corporations of all sizes. In the 14 years since we launched the car scheme, we have replaced more than 60,000 older, more polluting vehicles with newer, cleaner and more environmentally sustainable vehicles and in the last two years, our fleet has been predominantly made up of EVs.”

“Thanks to the innovative nature of salary sacrifice which means that every driver is able to benefit from monthly savings whatever their tax bracket, 70% of our fleet is made up of 20% tax payers. We are proud to be enabling those who might previously have been excluded from more traditional company car schemes, such as nurses and administrators, to access new and affordable vehicles. It’s helping to level up drivers into EVs. We now see more and more ‘cash for car’ drivers taking advantage of salary sacrifice too, because it offers them a fixed price, inclusive car, enabling motorists to take better control of their monthly costs with no surprises.”

“We will use this award as a sign of our commitment, and to bolster our ongoing resolve to achieving our Net Zero targets, while we continue to help drivers enjoy a more affordable, safer and sustainable way of motoring.”

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