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Salary sacrifice leads the way for zero emission motoring reports BVRLA survey

Salary sacrifice is leading the way when it comes to zero emissions motoring as more drivers than ever turn to the environmentally friendly car benefits scheme.

These are the findings of the latest report, the Road to Zero Report Card, launched by the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association, which assesses the annual progress of fleets of moving towards zero emissions.

Salary sacrifice has grown by 73% since the 2021 report, reinforcing its growing appeal for getting drivers behind the wheel of a zero-emission car in a tax effective fashion benefitting both employees and employers. It continued to grow faster than any other vehicle acquisition type with personal car leasing reporting the next highest growth at just 18%.

A total of 84% of salary sacrifice vehicles added to company fleets in the past 12 months were zero emissions vehicles.

The survey also highlighted the positive impact that Benefit in Kind has had on the democratisation of ZEV access with BVRLA data showing that over 60% of salary sacrifice users are basic rate taxpayers. The average age of a typical salary sacrifice car continues to fall with cars -15% younger than a year ago at 1.7 months.

The survey also reported on the growth of the electric vehicle charging network with over 600 new charge points being added to the UK’s roads each month, of which over 100 are rapid. Geographically 17% of people now live within five minutes of a charge point compared to 12% in 2020, which is good news for EV drivers.

Paul Gilshan, CEO of the UK’s leading salary sacrifice provider, Tusker, commented, “It’s really great to see that adoption of EVs is continuing to gather pace across all areas of the industry. Salary sacrifice has been a great advocate for EVs and have helped the government significantly with their road to zero objectives, providing the opportunity for everyday people to drive an EV, which they otherwise might not be able to afford to do.”

Gilshan continues, “Tusker has seen a steady increase in demand for EVs throughout the past two years, with over 70% of our fleet now EV. Our order bank is closer to 80% EV so we’re confident that will continue to move towards 100% EV in 2023 as more people understand the benefits of a total car package.”

For a full copy of the BVRLA report go to https://www.bvrla.co.uk/industrycampaigns/decarbonisation/road-to-zero-report-card.html




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