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EQUANS Salary Sacrifice Scheme with Tusker
Tusker Case Study: EQUANS
Tusker and EQUANS Tusker introduced an employee benefits car scheme to global energy player EQUANS in 2018, and with a huge take
Employer September 21, 2021
A safe pair of hands for your business
Why do employee benefits matter? It is well known that employers who offer great benefits have found it has a huge impact
Electric Cars August 25, 2021
Travelling 949 miles in an electric car: How much could it really cost you?
Like many families, our Communications Manager Katie and her family, decided to stay in the UK this year and see a bit
Employee July 21, 2021
How does the Tusker Car Benefit Scheme work?
The Car Benefit Scheme. How does it work and whats included? t
Employer July 15, 2021
Your guide to the perfect employee benefit launch
You’ve done all the research, chosen the right employee benefit scheme and prepared everything so you’re ready to launch. Yet this is
Electric Cars June 8, 2021
St. Albans to Yeovil in an EV with a trailer. Surely that's not possible?
With sun set to spoil the UK over the May bank holiday and halfterm week, Katie, Tusker’s Communications Manager, and her family
Electric Cars May 27, 2021
Everything you need to know about EV salary sacrifice schemes
How they work and why they’re good for business Since the introduction of 2% Benefit in Kind tax savings for low emission
Tusker Drivers: Alan Reeves, West Midlands Police
Audi A1
Alan Reeves, who works at West Midlands Police, first heard about Tusker’s salary sacrifice scheme via his Intranet. The Car Benefit scheme
Electric Cars May 19, 2021
Majority of electric drivers could cover their weekly mileage on a single charge according to new Tusker survey
Average range of EVs available with Tusker is currently 231 miles: 85% of drivers could survive on a single charge per week