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Nicholas Postgate Catholic Academy Trust Case Study.


Nicholas Postgate Catholic Academy Trust is a collective of 38 schools based across Teesside, North Yorkshire and the City of York. The Trust identified a need to continue to offer a wide range of highly sought-after benefits for their staff and so in June 2021, launched a salary sacrifice car benefit scheme with market-leaders, Tusker.

The Challenge

The Trust knew they needed to offer their staff benefits which were in line with the private sector, which would help them stand out from the competition, and be an employer of choice. Having conducted research into the benefits available to employees, the Trust concluded that an EV-focused car scheme was likely to be valuable to their staff. The Trust then completed an exercise to ensure all of their requirements were met, as well as local Department for Education guidelines.

The Solution

A range of company offerings were reviewed and Tusker were successfully appointed.

Jim Farquhar, Assistant Chief Executive for the Trust, recalls, “The process of appointing Tusker was really straightforward. The implementation was seamless as the Tusker team are really experienced so they know exactly what’s needed at each stage.”

The Trust have installed free to use chargers in some of their locations to help staff charge their electric cars while at work and plan to expand this over the next year.

Benefits of the Scheme

1. Inclusive Motoring Package 

Jim comments, “The scheme has been really well received by our colleagues, and they’ve really embraced it, Particularly enjoying the fact that it’s a complete package with everything included.”

2. Access to Vehicles 

Jim continues, “Some of our staff were surprised at what they could afford and how quickly they could get one of the cars in stock, which is good, as some of the lead times on other vehicles were quite long.”

3. Sustainability Targets

The Trust had a range of sustainability targets to meet, and Jim feels that the car scheme is going some way to helping the organisation achieve their goals.

He comments,“We have a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and have a wider project ongoing about encouraging our staff and pupils to think about the environmental impact of their actions. This makes sense, when you think we’re teaching the next generation about the environment. It was a key part of our decision making when we looked into the car scheme from Tusker.”

The Trust has had more than 35% of staff login to the scheme, showing real appetite for driving a brand new, inclusive car.

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