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September 29, 2023

Meet our Drivers: Chris Jones from Welsh Water

Meet our Drivers: Chris Jones from Welsh Water

Hyundai IONIQ 5


Chris Jones works at Welsh Water, having previously leased his family car, Chris was keen to benefit from the savings available via the salary sacrifice scheme available, provided by Tusker.

Chris explains,

“I had an email from the HR team which told me about the Tusker scheme and I was intrigued so I logged in to the portal and had a look. It initially seemed a little too good to be true as when I went to a local dealership, they said they couldn’t match the price that I’d seen online with Tusker. I checked it all out and with the inclusive package being so attractive, I decided to go for it.”

Like a lot of people, Chris was keen to ensure he was maximising his value for money when it came to choosing a new car and so he spent some time weighing up his options to make sure the car was the best value for his family. Chis tells us,

“The cost savings on the scheme meant that it was really very attractive, and with it being electric, its so much cheaper to run. I did price the car up through Hyundai as well as with Tusker but the price was significantly different.”

Charging outside of major towns and cities is often in the news for being few and far between, but that hasn’t been Chris’ experience as he says,

“There are more charging points popping up all the time and while there aren’t loads, there are always some available. I haven’t had to charge much outside of work and home, but I also haven’t had to worry about going to the petrol station, which shuts at 10pm as I just charge at home on my driveway.”

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Chris is keen to promote Tusker to his colleagues as he’s had a good experience since he took delivery of his Hyundai last December, telling us,

“I ordered at a time when lead-times were really long but it was delivered early. I was originally told it would come in March but got it in December. Tusker kept me informed at each stage and it’s probably the simplest thing I’ve done for such a big thing.”

He continues,

“I don’t think people realise that it has everything included, like insurance, because with that, the dealerships couldn’t match the price from Tusker. It’s such a good overall package but I think people judge it for being expensive, but the savings on each of the elements independently, as well as the savings on fuel, really add up.”

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