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Tusker offsets a quarter of a million tonnes of carbon

Employee car benefits provider Tusker offsets a quarter of a million tonnes of carbon through verified Carbon Standards Programs

Tusker is celebrating Energy Saving Week 2022 by revealing that it has now surpassed a milestone of having offset more than 250,000 tonnes of carbon emissions via Verified Carbon Standard programs.

Tusker has been committed to offsetting the carbon emissions across the lifetime of each car contract, based on CO2 emissions, annual mileage and contract length, since 2010 and aims to have a zero-emission fleet by 2030.

With a focus on more than just the environmental impact of its cars, in 2013 Tusker relocated its headquarters to a green office space, and since then it has sent zero waste to landfill, used 100% renewably sourced energy throughout the business. It recycles 100% of its waste with on-site food composting, cardboard bailing and even enjoys rainwater harvesting facilities.

Tusker works very closely with blue-chip companies and organisations in the public sector to encourage the uptake of zero and low emissions vehicles among employees via salary sacrifice car benefit schemes. Currently more than 90% of car orders  in 2022 are EV or hybrid, which in turn helps to support their own sustainability strategies.

This has also slashed the average emissions of its orders by an incredible 65% in just two years, from 107.9g/Km, to just 31.2g/Km and negated the carbon impact of every internal combustion engined vehicle that it has leased while doing so.

Tusker has worked closely with Carbon Footprint Ltd, a leading carbon consultancy business since 2010. Tusker has only worked with verified carbon offsetting programs to ensure that its actions have made a verified difference to the environment. In 2022 Tusker is shifting its offset policy away from pure VCS offsetting projects, to one which will be 50% focussed on UK tree planting projects and 50% focussed on renewable energy projects, widening the scope of its real-world environmental benefits.

Paul Gilshan, Tusker CEO, commented. “To have passed the milestone figure of a quarter of a million tonnes of CO2 offset since 2010 is a testament to Tusker’s ongoing commitment to the environment, and it’s something of which we are truly proud.”

“Working alongside Carbon Footprint Ltd to measure, verify and benchmark our emissions has been fundamental to achieving our work to drive down emissions.” He added.

Tusker’s suppliers must prove their green credentials during tender processes, and local suppliers are used wherever possible to lessen delivery mileages. To minimise the vehicle emissions of its own employees, Tusker’s own car policy is restricted to green or EV vehicles only and it has adopted a hybrid working policy, to further reducing the travel emissions of the business as a whole.

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