Salary Sacrifice

Employee August 30, 2023
Net vs. Gross in Salary Sacrifice
Net vs gross in salary sacrifice: Looking to take advantage of Tusker’s inclusive motoring package that provides an affordable way for employees
Employee June 20, 2023
Car Leasing vs. Salary Sacrifice - How does it work?
If you want a new car, but you don’t want to have to spend a lot of money up front to purchase
Electric Cars June 7, 2023
Tusker deliver 1,000 EVs to British Airways’ colleagues
Tusker deliver 1,000 EVs to British Airways’ colleagues Salary sacrifice EV scheme drives sustainable commuting, offering colleagues across the airline the opportunity
Employee April 28, 2023
What is Benefit in Kind?
Although the idea of Benefit in Kind tax for company cars might sound confusing, fear not, as experts in this area
Salary Sacrifice April 24, 2023
Tusker awarded Trusted Service Award
Following their first year with the review platform, Tusker has been awarded a Trusted Service Award by Feefo, for having maintained
Implementing a car benefit scheme in the cost of living crisis.
The cost of living crisis and the high inflation in the UK at the moment, is putting a new focus on benefits
Electric Cars April 21, 2023
Salary Sacrifice Schemes and the Cost of Living Crisis.
Savvy motorists use salary sacrifice schemes to drive electric to help cost of living rises. With price increases dominating news stories for
What is the best way to fund a new car?
Changes in consumer behaviour and attitudes over the last few years have had a real impact on a motorists attitude on
Electric Cars March 27, 2023
How you can get behind the wheel of an electric car
Are you one of the thousands of drivers who would love their next car to be electric but feel that the price