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July 18, 2017

Behind the Scheme: HSS Hire

Behind the Scheme: HSS Hire

Benefits for everyone, regardless of location

Tusker, the Car Benefit People, are celebrating the first year of their Car Scheme at HSS Hire, the tool retailer, which has over 250 stores nationwide.

The high street retailer launched their scheme in 2016 after a comprehensive review into their benefits found that many were unavailable or unattractive to the majority of staff, who are spread over wide geographic locations.

Kimberley Sanger, Rewards Advisor: HR for HSS Hire, recalls “When I joined HSS Hire, there wasn’t a wide selection of benefits on offer, and those that were here, weren’t available for everyone.”

She continues, “I undertook a review of the market and saw that car schemes were popular as it enables cars to be offered to those who don’t get a car as part of their salary package.”

Kimberley was impressed with the approach Tusker took in developing the car scheme for their business, she comments, “We had a few companies pitch for the scheme. Tusker stood out from the rest. They really know their product and were able to provide contacts for me to speak with, who couldn’t sing Tusker’s praises high enough. That was the winner for us.”

Tusker implemented a comprehensive scheme for everyone earning above the National Living Wage. The scheme provides drivers with a brand new car, complete with insurance, road tax, breakdown cover, servicing and tyres. It’s been well received by the staff at HSS Hire, particularly as there’s a large number of younger employees who would otherwise find insurance costs prohibitive when considering a new car.

Kimberley continues, “It’s definitely a low maintenance benefit and the just add fuel message has been great for our employees. It’s nice to provide a worry-free benefit for the team which they pay for out of their salary – it’s not something they even have to think about.”

Kimberley also praises Tusker’s customer services, describing them as “perfect” at liaising with drivers and ensuring they find the right car for their needs and budget, “We’ve had really good feedback from everyone” she says.