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2022 – What does the year ahead have in store?

Not all costs have to rise

While the lower total cost of ownership for EVs compared to ICE vehicles helps to narrow this gap over the lifetime of a contract, it is no secret that it is the incredible tax efficiency of EVs which has helped widespread adoption of EVs among business drivers. Low BIK rates, coupled with the wider acceptance of Salary Sacrifice schemes have allowed motorists to benefit from savings which can run into the tens of thousands over the lifetime of a car’s contract.


For many, not the few

We have been delighted to be able to prove that the benefits of Salary Sacrifice works across the board for employees. Many of our drivers haven’t been able to afford a brand new car before, let alone an EV, so it’s helping many more people into cleaner, safer vehicles than ever before.


What are the new EVs for 2022?

What are the hottest new cars hitting the UK’s roads this year? These soon to be released EVs are sure to be favourites with buyers around the UK,

  • Cupra Born – the sporting answer to the VW ID3, this sharply styled family car is set to arrive in the next month
  • VW ID5 – the coupe SUV version of the ID4, this should be a stylish, affordable and popular
  • Volvo C40 Recharge – the first pure EV from Volvo, this sleek SUV promises speed and range
  • Mercedes EQE – a rival for the Tesla 3, this saloon is set to offer 410 miles of range
  • Nissan Ariya – Nissan’s first e-SUV will surely be a hit
  • Rolls Royce Spectre – Not a mainstream choice, but Roll’s first EV is sure to cause a stir
  • Vauxhall Astra – the addition of battery power is hoped to boost the Astra back to its position as the UK’s bestselling car


How is the wider outlook changing in the coming months?

With the ban on petrol and diesel cars coming into force in just eight years, we are confident that the EV landscape will change dramatically within this time, and likely very soon given the appetite for EVs as well as fuel prices!


Pricing Parity

It is expected that the next 18 months will see EV pricing drop, to become comparable with petrol and diesel vehicles, and with all global manufacturers currently engaged in the production of EVs, the range of available vehicles will be significantly wider.


Range Extension- soothing anxiety of the range variety

Additionally, with battery technology improving annually, average vehicle ranges are increasing all the time and are only set to improve. At the same time as charging infrastructure is expanding at a rate of nearly 10% per quarter (in 2021), the range of fast chargers available across the UK is also increasing, giving a drop in average charging times.

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