Knowledge Hub

June 24, 2020
Who decides what damage is fair wear and tear and what is outside of the guidelines?
An appraisal is carried out at point of collection where we ask all collection drivers to note any obvious damage. A full
In what condition do you expect the vehicle to be returned?
We wouldn’t expect a vehicle to be returned in the same condition that we delivered it in at the beginning of the
Can I take my car abroad?
If you wish to take your vehicle to Europe you must give Tusker a minimum 2 weeks’ notice as a travel pack
I've been involved in an accident - how do I make a claim?
Whether you need assistance at the time of the accident or following an accident, call the Driver Helpline and choose the relevant
Can I smoke in my car?
Smoking in work vehicles is illegal under the Health Act 2006, which banned smoking in all vehicles used primarily for business purposes
Can my partner/family member drive the car?
You can normally add one additional driver to your company car insurance policy. To do this, you will need to speak to
Do I need to tax my vehicle?
No – we will organise the vehicle road fund licence (road tax) on your behalf.
What happens if my vehicle is damaged on delivery?
When your car is delivered please make sure you thoroughly check it with the delivery agent. If for any reason there’s any
What happens when my car needs a service?
Call us. It’s as simple as that. All routine servicing is included under the scheme (even down to replacement bulbs, wipers and