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Tusker Smile with Two Cars

Who are we?

Tusker are a carbon neutral company who are on a mission to help everyone drive a better car. A new, more cost effective, more reliable, greener and easier way to run a car. Via our salary sacrifice green car scheme, we offer an innovative and affordable way for employees to easily get a new fully insured and maintained car where a monthly amount is taken from their gross salary.

For over 15 years we’ve been helping organisations offer their employees a car that will have less impact on our environment, supporting planet positive mobility and a brighter more sustainable future. Tusker’s services have made a difference to the 100,000 drivers it has served, rising to tackle environmental challenges while delivering on its core task of helping people into new, affordable, and clean vehicles.

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A brand new car
Fully comprehensive car insurance
Breakdown, servicing, maintenance & MOT
Carbon offsetting
Dedicated account management & marketing
24/7 support
2-4 year agreement length on vehicle
Award winning customer service
Intuitive online platform
Market Leading Lifestyle Protections