T&C’s – Hand your car back early in exchange for an Ultra Low Emission Vehicle on the scheme!

Following our October campaign to allow drivers to return their car early in exchange for an ultra low emission car, we’ve put together the below frequently asked questions.

How long will this opportunity be available?

This promotion is running during October 2021 only, so as long as you are currently driving a car emitting 75g/km Co2 or more, you can order a new ultra low emission car with us before 31st October.

I’d like to order a new car, but it’s not a ULEV can I be included?

Unfortunately not. Our campaign is to encourage drivers into greener cars and so your new vehicle will need to have a Co2 rating of 75g/km or less.

How do I know if an ultra low emission car is right for me?

We’ve sent you some brochures to help you with your decision but we do recommend you do your research before ordering to make sure an electric or hybrid car is suitable for your circumstances.

What if I cancel my new order, can I change my mind?

Although your new order may be subject to a standard cancellation charge, we’d still be able to cancel the early termination request of your current car and you can carry on with your original agreement.

Will the resignation/redundancy protection already in place move to the new car or will I have a new exclusion period?

Once the new vehicle is delivered, the exclusion period will start again.

Are lead times being affected by the semi-conductor shortage?

Some of our vehicles have been affected by the shortage depending on the manufacturer but we do have a selection of cars in stock which are on the driver portal and our team can advise you on any major delays.

Will I be charged if I return my vehicle with excess miles?

Yes, this would still be payable. We’ll pro rata your existing mileage and if it is over the pro-rated agreement amount, there will be an excess mileage charge as per the terms and conditions of your agreement.

Will I be charged for any damage on my returned vehicle?

At the start of your agreement you’ll have received a ‘BVRLA Fair wear and Tear’ guide which we can resend to you if needed. If there is any damage that sits outside what BVRLA consider fair wear and tear, then a charge will be payable.

Will I be able to purchase the vehicle as part of my early renewal?

Yes, Customer Services will be happy to provide you with a price to purchase. Simply email: buymycar@tuskerdirect.com