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Why the Volkswagen ID 5 might be the perfect EV for you

The world of electric cars is flourishing. There really is something for everyone, with electric estate cars, SUVs and sporty models now becoming a regular sight on the UK’s roads. But what if you want an EV with the commanding driving position of an SUV, but also the rakish proportions of a coupe? The Volkswagen ID 5 might be the answer.

Based on the same platform as the Volkswagen ID 4, the ID 5 is a mid-size family SUV with a greater sense of style than its more practical sibling. A chiselled shoulder line, and dramatically sloping roof creates a fastback design that strikes a more athletic pose in the car park. It’s still undoubtedly a premium SUV, but this model is for those seeking a style statement,

The interior remains spacious, happily accommodating the whole family. Although the roofline does mean a sacrifice in boot space verses the ID 4, the ID 5 still offers a generous 549 litres, or more than enough for a large pushchair or a couple of suitcases. Interior space is amplified on cars with a panoramic roof, filling the environment with natural light.

The headline piece of interior tech is the large touchscreen display that absorbs much of the switchgear, decluttering the centre console. This responsive 12-inch screen features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, something that enables access to all of the smartphone apps you are familiar with. You also have access to a heads up display that projects key information such as your speed on the windscreen, helping you keep your eyes on the road.

Beneath this interesting design resides a 77kWh battery on Pro models. A great range of up to 342 miles makes this car a viable option for those with longer commutes, something further reinforced by an impressive 135kW rapid charge functionality. A 10-80% charge can be completed in as little as 28 minutes. However, the GTX model offers reassuring all-wheel drive for all weathers, and more performance. A 0-62mph sprint takes just 5.4 seconds while rapid charging performance is increased to 175kW. The only sacrifice for this speed is a slightly lower overall battery range of 328 miles – still more than enough for the average driver’s week.

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