Tusker Driver Responsibilities

As a Tusker driver, what are your responsibilities?

If you have taken delivery of a new Tusker vehicle, you can enjoy your brand-new car in the knowledge that you are not only saving money in tax and National Insurance, but that you are also in very safe hands. Your Tusker car comes fully insured, taxed and with servicing and maintenance included as part of your monthly amount, so it’s a case of fuel/charge and go!While we take care of as much admin around your car as we can, there are a few Tusker Driver Responsibilities which we ask you to take care of while you have the car, and a few steps you can take to make sure that handing your car back at the end of the agreement will be as easy as possible.

Maintaining and servicing your car

If you have a petrol or diesel car, you need to check the oil, coolant and AdBlue (if your car is a diesel) levels on your Tusker vehicle regularly to avoid any damage, and the costs of these top ups between services are not covered by the servicing package.

The good news is that your car services are included in your monthly cost, and booking your car in for these services couldn’t be easier.

For all car types, to book a service, simply log on to your Tusker account, and click on the ‘My Car’ tab, you can book your service online through us. If you are able to plan in advance, then subject to availability, you can request to have your car collected and delivered from the garage for you with 5 days’ notice, and with 15 days’ notice, subject to availability, you can request a courtesy car.


Accidental damage

Although you are fully insured behind the wheel with Tusker, sometimes accidents happen. For the guide to what to do in an accident, see our handy guide HERE. For damage such as stone chips, scraped alloy wheels or missing vehicle trim, depending on its severity (we use the BVRLA fair wear and tear guidelines) you may be charged at the end of your agreement if these are not fixed before you hand the car back.

Going abroad with your car

Its easy to go abroad with your car, and you are fully insured to drive on the continent, but you will need to have a VE103b certificate and a green card with you by law. If you are planning to go abroad with your car, then simply call the RAC on 0800092373 to request these documents, and for a £10 fee, these will be sent to you within 14 days.

You also have full breakdown cover across the EU – in the unlikely event that you need it, all details of how to use this service are given to you in the same pack as your VE103b and green card, so keep it to hand in the car, just in case.

Keeping us up to date

We know that lifestyles can change, and so can the annual mileage that you will have agreed with Tusker at the start of your agreement. If you notice that you’re doing more miles than you’d originally planned and agreed with us, to avoid facing an excess mileage charge at the end of your term, we recommend that you contact us and we can update your agreed mileage via your agreement after the first 12 months have expired. Your annual mileage limits can be updated by our teams anytime up until four months before the end of your agreement term. We recommend doing this as soon as you can, as earlier you contact us, the smaller the change to your monthly amount.

Low Emission Zones

Low emission zones (LEZ), or ultra-low emission zones (ULEZ) are being adopted by more of our major towns and cities in the UK in an attempt to reduce pollution levels. If you drive an electric vehicle (EV) or low emission vehicle (ULEV), you will likely be exempt from the associated daily charge. In order to avoid paying the charge and any associated fines, you’ll need to register on the relevant websites with your vehicle registration which will then ensure you are exempt. This isn’t something which is done automatically by the DVLA.

Finally, fines.

As Tusker is the registered owner and keeper of your vehicle, we will be sent any speeding, parking or congestion charging fines that you might receive. As soon as we receive notification of these, we write to the relevant authority, to redirect the fine to you. If this happens, we might charge an administration fee of £10+VAT, which will be deducted from your net salary by your employer. You can of course contest any fines that you receive, but you must do this with the issuer directly. If you are planning on contesting a fine, please let Tusker know you are doing this, as otherwise we will always pay a fine on your behalf before it escalates to the debt recovery stage.

If you need any assistance please contact the Tusker driver line on 0333 400 2020.

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