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Tusker Case Study: Siemens

Siemens and Tusker charge ahead with an EV focussed car benefit scheme.

Siemens, the leading technology company, enjoys record engagement from its employees on the launch of its salary sacrifice company car benefit scheme, implemented by Tusker.

Launched with the aims of increasing its corporate sustainability and aiding as many employees as possible to enjoy the use of a brand new, affordable and environmentally-friendly car, Siemens introduced the car benefit scheme to include more of its employees than would have been possible with a traditional company car policy.

Thanks to the innovative way in which Tusker structures its car benefits schemes, the majority of employees have become eligible, particularly benefiting those who were not entitled to be part of the company car scheme.

Tusker and Siemens

Siemens had considered such a scheme previously, but mitigating risk had become a big factor in the decision and it was important to ensure risk levels were minimised. Thanks to Tusker’s robust range of employer and employee protections, which cover either party for major lifestyle changes, including redundancy, resignation and long term sickness, Siemens was confident that they could provide this sought-after benefit to their employees, while mitigating financial risks for all parties.

The Tusker scheme, which provides the driver with a brand new car, complete with insurance, servicing, maintenance, replacement tyres and breakdown cover, was an immediate success upon its launch in late 2022. In the first six weeks, 25% of the company’s employees had logged on to look at cars on the system and more than 100 quotes had been raised. Despite it being a recent launch, Tusker cars can already be seen in Siemens carparks thanks to some speedy deliveries.


Amy Vokes, EMEA Compensation and Benefits Professional at Siemens, commented:

“The launch of our new EV Salary Sacrifice benefit forms part of our global drive towards ever greater sustainability. The tender process involved a range of departments within Siemens to ensure a complete integration of the benefit and Tusker was found to be the strongest candidate. Tusker’s own impressive sustainability record, allied to its suite of lifestyle protection packages were highly attractive. The implementation process was very smooth with Tusker, and the level of employee engagement already has been excellent. At Siemens, we have a well-established employee benefits scheme and this benefit has been a successful addition to our offering – it is aligned to our wider sustainability focus and is an inclusive benefit.” Added Amy.

Paul Gilshan, CEO at Tusker, commented

“It’s great to launch our car scheme to one of the UK’s leading technology companies, helping them to achieve their environmental goals. Unlike more traditional company car programmes, which can often exclude a high proportion of employees, our scheme has allowed cars to be made available as a benefit across the organisation, and enables as many people as possible to drive brand new, electric vehicles for an affordable, fixed monthly amount.”

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