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Top 10 most asked questions from customers

Here are the top 10 most asked questions from Tusker customers about our Car Benefit Scheme, answered by us:

1.Are the cars available new or used?

All of the cars available on the scheme are brand new. They will be either factory order or in stock so if you need a car with a quicker delivery time, simply visit our stock car/arriving soon page.

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2.Can I have more than one car on the scheme?

It depends on the rules put in place by your employer, and if you are able to order more than one car, we also need to make sure the monthly amount of the cars doesn’t take you below National Living Wage.


3.What does “build slot” mean?

When a car is being built from scratch, the factory will need to allocate it a build slot. This is a specific timeframe when a car will be built in the factory. Once a build slot has been allocated to a car order, a more accurate delivery time is provided.


4.How long can I keep my car?

When ordering your car you can choose the agreement length you want for your car (usually between 24 to 48 months depending on your scheme set up).


5.Is there a limit on how much mileage I can do?

You’ll select the most suitable annual mileage you think you’ll do as part of the order process. If this changes during the agreement, it can easily be updated after 12 months, and before the final 9 months of the agreement.


6. What happens at the end of the agreement?

Most drivers choose to get another new car through the scheme but Tusker will always get in touch nine months before the car is due back, to go through all the options.

If you choose to return the car to us and get a new one on the scheme, the delivery of the new car will be arranged to coincide with the return of the old car.

It’s also possible to purchase the car at the end of the agreed term.  The Tusker Team can provide a purchase price but can only do this in the last three months of the agreement.


7.Will I own the car at the end of my agreement with you?

No, Tusker remain the registered owner. Drivers can choose to purchase the car for a final purchase price at the end of the agreement and if accepted, Tusker will then transfer ownership.


8.What is the impact if I earn more than £100,000?

By entering into our car scheme, the salary reduction may lower your salary enough to recover some or all of your personal allowance. The actual amount of “recovered” personal allowance will be based on your earnings and the amount of the gross salary reduction for your chosen car. The Benefit in Kind (BiK) value of the car will be included in the calculation and so electric or very low emission cars are more tax efficient.

9.What happens if I leave my employer while I have a Tusker car?

All of our schemes include a level of lifestyle protection. This provides a protection against an early termination charge if employees experience certain lifestyle events that mean they need to leave the scheme – such as a resignation or redundancy provided the employee has had the car for a certain period of time. (Usually 3 months but schemes can vary). To find out what is included employees should check their Scheme Policy document.

10.Can I get a home charger installed?

We would encourage anyone ordering an electric car, to check if a home charger can be installed at their home as soon as possible. You can choose to arrange this yourself, or Tusker partners with installation companies whose details we can provide. They will then be able to assess whether an installation is possible based on a home survey.

 For more FAQs on the scheme, or these in more detail, visit tuskercars.com/FAQ or contact us today:

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