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The new commute: Living with an EV

A car is the ultimate freedom, giving you the ability to go anywhere, anytime. Trips to the shops, the school run, commuting, holidays, spur-of-the-moment jaunts with friends – a car makes all of this so much easier, but does it look different with an EV?

Living with an EV can often be more convenient than a petrol or diesel car with no more trips to the pumps. Your electric car’s day starts in the early hours of the morning while you’re still fast asleep. Programmable via the manufacturer’s app, you can tell the car when to charge at home which is especially helpful if you have an EV or an off-peak electricity tariff. So, then your car can charge when electricity is at its cheapest and then you can have your desired cabin conditions ready for your departure time.

Charging your EV

When it comes to charging an EV, a bit of a mindset change is all that’s needed to get the most out of your new car. Unlike a petrol or diesel car, you don’t run an EV down to zero battery and then charge it. Instead, you treat it like your mobile phone, charging overnight and starting each day with enough charge to travel. Considering the average range of an EV is 270 miles, that’s more than enough for even the lengthiest commutes.

Destination charging is also another solution for those on long commutes, or for those who don’t have the ability to charge at home. Many places of work, car parks, popular attractions, hotels, and supermarkets now have electric car chargers. The idea is that while your car is stationary for a long period – while working for example – you can charge and return to your car with a fuller battery.

For those times when you really need to extend your range for business trips and infrequent journeys of hundreds of miles, rapid charging is the answer. With EVs now capable of rapid charging at up to 350kW, you can go from 5-80% in just 22 minutes or a quick 5-minute charge adding over 60 miles of range.

There are also some tangible benefits to your new-look electrified commute including better reliability due to fewer moving parts and producing zero emissions on your journey. Cost savings in the form of freely roaming Ultra Low Emissions Zones are also yours for the taking.

Yes, driving an EV is a little different, but your commute can become leaner and cleaner as a result.

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