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The affordable new car revolution is here!

There are huge benefits to owning a new car, from peace of mind to the latest technology, however, one of the biggest hurdles for many people is cost. This is especially true for EVs that are typically pricier than their combustion counterparts, making it harder for many people to make the switch from the pump to the plug.

Thankfully, the affordable new car revolution is upon us, and with Tusker Salary Sacrifice, even more people can have the latest models parked on their driveway.

Making EVs attainable

Today there’s an EV for everyone. Be it a family SUV with plenty of range, or a zero-emissions city car, you are spoiled for choice. Several new models have really moved the needle in the world of EVs, making them even more attainable while impressing industry experts.

MG’s range is a broad church, offering electrification in SUV, hatchback, and estate car guises. However, the shining star in the range is the MG4, a car that delivers on battery technology and outright value. The Trophy Extended Range model claims a range of up to 323 miles in mixed driving conditions, while even the entry-level SE offers a highly usable up to 218 miles. Need more space? The MG ZS EV SE Long Range is a zero-emissions SUV providing up to 273 miles of driving while the model is also available with the choice of two efficient petrol engines.

It’s not just MG offering impressive ‘bang for your buck’ as Kia’s new Niro is a modern SUV that gives buyers freedom of choice. The Niro is available as a pure EV with up to 285 miles of range, a plug-in hybrid for those looking to go green but who still prefer an engine, or an efficient hybrid electric variant that boosts efficiency without the need to plug in.

There are also some excellent options from BYD which has just entered the UK to compete with established competitors – BYD has recently launched the all-electric Dolphin hatchback and Atto 3 SUV. With a range of over 250 miles, BYD provides drivers with a high level of specification and technology in a sporty exterior styling.

Will I save money running an EV?

Electric cars are a great way to reduce your running costs thanks to their simplicity. They have far fewer moving parts than a petrol or diesel vehicle, making maintenance faster and cheaper. And then there’s the savings on fuel…

While it is true that continuously charging an EV at costly rapid chargers at the side of the motorway won’t do your wallet any favours, charging elsewhere will. Just like avoiding pricey petrol stations, using sensibly priced public chargers that are easily located via apps such as Zapmap – means you can top-up worry-free.

The ultimate in cost-saving comes in the form of home charging, especially when taking advantage of programming your car to charge at off-peak times, giving you a full battery for less by morning.

Over 10,000 miles of driving and charging an all-electric Skoda Enyaq at 27p/kWh, you could save £500 versus an equivalent diesel Skoda SUV. This saving can be extended when you factor in using a leading off-peak tariff, potentially resulting in an £800 saving.

Tusker Salary Sacrifice leading the charge

Looking for a new EV or hybrid vehicle? Tusker Salary Sacrifice makes this more affordable than ever, thanks to one easy to manage monthly payment. Not only does this cover the car itself, but also all maintenance, breakdown cover, tyres and insurance. All you need to do is enjoy your new car.

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