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Simplify Your Drive: The Ultimate Inclusive Car Experience

Driving is a necessity for many of us. School runs, commuting, or going on holiday is all made easier by having a set of wheels at your disposal. However, the financial element of being on the road can be anything but fun – increasing running costs such as maintenance and insurance, let alone the cost of a new vehicle creates more hurdles for drivers than ever before. That’s why a salary sacrifice car scheme can take much of the stress out of motoring, allowing you to enjoy getting behind the wheel again with the knowledge of a fixed cost motoring package.

Let’s look at some of the key cost points of driving and how salary sacrifice can help:

Cars are expensive

Who doesn’t love sitting in a new car for the first time? That new car smell with a smart interior, new gadgets to investigate, and the confidence and happiness a new vehicle inspires. The price of brand-new cars though means that people are tending to stay with older cars for longer, but safety, technology, and environmental elements of a car are moving at pace in the automotive sector, so cars get old quickly.

A salary sacrifice scheme provides employees with a new electric, plug-in hybrid, or less polluting new car in an affordable way. One fixed monthly amount is taken as part of the salary sacrifice arrangement with no need for any hefty deposit for a new car.

Maintenance, servicing, and insurance

In addition to a new car, a salary sacrifice scheme also includes all those other services that can be pricey and unexpected when running a car. Insurance, replacement tyres, maintenance, road tax and breakdown cover are all taken care of as part of the Salary Sacrifice scheme. No need to shop around for the best quotes or trying to remember to renew memberships, all you need to do is enjoy your new car and keep a one-call driverline number saved in your phone.

With salary sacrifice, you’re also protected from rising running cost prices during the term of the agreement – so there’s no fear of the annual insurance renewal increases, or a rise in road tax or cost of tyres during the 3 or 4 years you have your car as the costs are fixed.

Better for the environment, and your pocket

New cars create considerably less local pollution than older models. They’re more efficient, and some are even made with recycled materials. Electric cars give you a zero-emissions means of motoring but if you’re not quite ready for electric, PHEVs are an excellent stepping stone to reduce emissions. However, driving a fully electric car really enables you to maximise the savings you can make from motoring via salary sacrifice.

Delivered straight to your door

A new car you choose on a salary sacrifice scheme is built to your chosen specification (or the specification available, if you chose a car from our range in stock) And when it’s ready, the supplying dealer will be in contact to arrange delivery right to your door. No waiting around at the dealership, just your new pride and joy arriving on your driveway ready for you to take it for a spin.

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