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Why a PHEV could be the ideal stepping stone to an EV

More and more people are parting with the pumps and going electric, but for some that transition will take a little bit longer.

However, just because an EV isn’t the ideal fit for you right now, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of electrification. For you, the answer might be a PHEV.

What is a PHEV?

Standing for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, these cars blend a battery that can be quickly charged which offers a usable electric range for around town, with a petrol engine provides extra power and the reassurance of an extended range. The vehicle can be run on petrol alone, but in order to see truly impressive economy, it’s best to charge the battery so it’s available to use.

Different PHEV to Choose From

There’s a great range of PHEV’s available, with many popular models offering this hybrid approach. Lengthy commutes can be covered by the engine or in tandem with the battery, while zero-emission motoring around town has benefits for everyone. In addition to traditional PHEVs such as the Cupra Formentor where both petrol and electricity can power the wheels, another clever method in cars such as the Honda HR-V sees the petrol engine serve as a generator to top-up the battery while in motion, meaning that in 99% of cases it’s just electricity providing momentum.

Volvo XC40

Benefits of PHEV

Another big benefit of PHEVs is that they can freely roam many cities that have introduced Ultra Low Emissions Zones – ULEZ. In these areas, drivers in vehicles deemed too polluting are charged a daily fee to enter. Naturally, those living within expanded ULEZ – particularly in London – or commute through them are clocking up considerable amounts of money in these toxicity charges. A PHEV could be a great way to save money while retaining your regular route.

A PHEV is also a positive solution for those who don’t have the ability to charge an EV at home. Many workplaces, supermarkets, restaurants and hotels have chargers, meaning you can opportunistically top-up your battery safe in the knowledge that you’re not 100% reliant upon it. The more you charge your PHEV, the better your economy, so destination charging regularly is an excellent way to boost MPG.

As EVs continue to develop at a rapid rate, and things such as chargers being included on new-build properties, going fully electric is becoming more viable for everyone. However, a PHEV is a great stepping stone for many looking to lower their emissions in the meantime.

Audi Q3 PHEV

Tusker’s Salary Sacrifice scheme is an affordable way to get a new EV or PHEV on your driveway. One easy to manage monthly amount covers everything from breakdown cover and maintenance, to insurance and the vehicle itself. Find out more about the differences between Electric, Hybrid and Petrol vehicles here. 

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