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Make driving your EV abroad easy this Summer

With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) in the UK, many drivers are looking to take their cars on holiday abroad. While the process might seem daunting at first, a bit of preparation can ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey. Here’s what you need to know about driving a UK electric car abroad.

Route planning

We no longer live in a world of paper maps and marker pens, but that doesn’t mean that navigation can’t cause arguments if you get lost. When driving an electric car abroad, planning is crucial. Unlike petrol stations, charging points are not always universally available. Research the availability of charging stations along your route using apps like Zap-Map or the Tesla Supercharger network for Tesla owners. With many EVs now featuring handy companion apps that enable you to wirelessly beam your route to the car’s navigation before you climb aboard, life can be made much more convenient if you plan ahead.

Fill your boots

Electricity on the continent is often much cheaper than in the UK. You’ll find that popular drive holiday destinations such as France, Spain, Italy, and Germany are much cheaper to plug in an EV, meaning your holiday budget could stretch a little bit further! It would also be wise to top-up on the other side of the channel before heading back to the UK.

Breakdown cover

While electric cars are much less likely to break down thanks to having far fewer moving parts than a petrol or diesel vehicle, sometimes things don’t go to plan. Being in a foreign country certainly complicates the situation, and so having European breakdown cover is essential. The good news is that all Tusker cars come with a breakdown and recovery service that can help you if the worst happens, for ultimate peace of mind.

Charging Networks and Payment

Charging networks vary across countries, and not all accept the same payment methods. Some networks require specific RFID cards or mobile apps. Before you leave, register for these networks and download the relevant apps. It’s also wise to carry a variety of payment options, including credit cards and contactless payment methods, to cover all possibilities.

Local Driving Regulations

Familiarize yourself with the driving regulations of the countries you’ll be visiting. Speed limits, road signs, and rules regarding low emission zones or congestion charges can differ significantly from the UK. Additionally, some countries require certain items to be carried in your car, such as a warning triangle, reflective jacket, and first aid kit.

European Green Card

Since Brexit, UK drivers need a Green Card to drive in the EU. This document proves you have the minimum legal insurance cover required. If you have a Tusker car, contact us in advance to obtain this card, and keep it with you while driving abroad.

Charging Etiquette

Charging etiquette is important, especially in countries where charging infrastructure may be less developed. Avoid occupying a charging spot longer than necessary and move your car once it’s sufficiently charged. Be courteous to other EV drivers who might be waiting to use the station.

Environmental Zones

Many European cities have environmental zones where only low-emission vehicles are allowed. Check if your route passes through any of these zones and ensure your vehicle meets the required standards. You may need to register your EV in advance or purchase an emission sticker.

And finally…

With careful planning and preparation, driving your UK electric car abroad can be a rewarding experience. Enjoy the journey, take in the scenic routes, and relish the fact that you’re travelling in an environmentally friendly manner. And for our Tusker drivers, please remember to take our Driver Guide with you so you have all the important numbers if you need to contact us.

By following these tips, you can ensure a stress-free adventure with your electric vehicle, making the most of your trip abroad while minimising your carbon footprint. Happy travels!

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