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Isn’t it time you switched to electric?

Tusker, the Car Benefit People, have been offestting tailpipe emissions to offer carbon neutral driving for the past 10 years. Now, with the climate emergency firmly on political and industrial agendas, major advances in automotive technology are changing attitudes towards driving.  Thanks to the clever way Tusker’s salary sacrifice schemes are set up, they are leading the way in providing electric and low emission vehicles for organisations across the UK whilst also saving employees and employers money in the process.  Not only do environmentally friendly cars help organisations and individuals meet the needs of the present as well as the future, they also support the pursuit of global environmental sustainability. More and more people are becoming part of the electric revolution, with seven out of 10 Tusker cars ordered in the first half of 2020 being Electric Vehicles as more people understand the benefits of driving electric.
Here are the top three reasons to go electric, and why Tusker is the best way to make the change:

Change is coming – and soon!

The government has made a commitment that petrol and diesel cars won’t be sold in the UK from 2035, earlier if possible – with Tusker’s commitment for its fleet to be fully electric by 2030. Even sooner than that, more cities are adopting low emission or clean air zones in the UK, with 9 new English and Scottish cities to introduce them in early 2021 and around 70 councils throughout the UK considering similar measures. Older petrol and diesel cars will be charged around £8 per day to enter the city centres, with EVs exempt.

New cars with a wealth of new technologies are being launched all the time at the moment, with manufacturers focusing on their electric range of cars. These are no longer reserved for those with high disposable incomes. Using the salary sacrifice scheme from Tusker, anyone eligible for the scheme is able to drive the latest in motoring advances, without a huge financial commitment. The scheme reduces the employees’ salary by a fixed amount and enables them to drive a brand new car, complete with insurance, road tax, breakdown cover, servicing, maintenance and replacement tyres.
With Electric Vehicles attracting 0% Benefit in Kind tax in 2020, coupled with the savings available in National Insurance and tax, drivers on the Tusker scheme are able to save over £320 in average, when choosing an EV. This coupled with no deposit and as a fixed term agreement, no worries about depreciation or battery life, ensures it provides a very affordable option for everyone.

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Range and charging – the facts!

Tusker has seen considerable improvements to the batteries being used which has increased the distances the cars are able to travel over the past year. The average range of these cars is now over 200 miles and so with most journeys less than 15 miles, electric cars are now an option for the majority of people, with charging only needed once a week or so – the same as using a petrol station – you can of course charge or “fill up” at home for maximum convenience. With more choice than ever before of the type of cars available from the smallest city car, to SUVs and high performance cars, there’s now an electric car to suit every budget and lifestyle.

For those needing to charge on the go, public charging is more accessible now as manufacturers are supported by a rapidly expanding charging point infrastructure, which now includes over 12,005 public charging locations and more than 19,005 public charging points available across the UK, according to

Costs are no longer prohibitive

When Electric Vehicles first arrived in the UK, they were significantly more expensive to own or run than their petrol or diesel counterparts. Thanks to lower cost prices, as well as tax incentives from the UK government for salary sacrifice schemes, as well as grants for home charge points, there are considerable advantages now to driving an EV.

The salary sacrifice scheme available from Tusker is often the cheapest way to drive an electric car, thanks to the reductions to Benefit in Kind, the National Insurance and tax savings available when using the scheme.
Take the example of a MINI. Just comparing the diesel and the electric versions of the same car, you can see the considerable savings which are available.

A petrol MINI Hatchback, 3 door, available on a lease with a leading UK company, is available for £275 per month, plus a deposit of £825 over 36 months for someone driving 5000 miles and living in Reading.
The same MINI, but this time Electric, available on Tusker’s salary sacrifice scheme with the same mileage and driver details is just £237 per month. And of course, that’s not including the average £1000 a year saving in fuel.

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