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Increase in tax for diesel cars

The new Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) is an attempt from the government to dissuade motorists to use these vehicles and improve the overall air quality in Britain. As the UK’s leader in Car Benefit Schemes, we’re wondering, could this mean an end to the production and sale of diesel and petrol engine cars in the not-too-distant-future?

Naturally, we have seen a decline in the demand for diesels over the past year, with a marked increase in the demand for ULEVs. Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles are those with emissions less than 75g/Km CO2 and are usually hybrid or electric vehicles.

With battery ranges increasing rapidly and charging taking about the time it takes to drink a coffee, they’re now a viable alternative to the traditional petrol or diesel engine.

Tusker offers a range of carbon neutral cars as an alternative to petrol and diesel engines, and has championed ULEVs for some time as a commitment to reducing carbon emissions. Over the past year, we have seen an increase in the demand of electric and hybrid cars as the government support for buying these vehicles continues. Perhaps surprising is the range of ULEVs now on offer at Tusker – we supply over 180 cars from 16 manufacturers, with more being added each year.

There is something to suit every budget with the Mitsubishi Outlander, Toyota C-HR, Kia Niro and Toyota Yaris ranking to be the among the most popular low-emission models that Tusker supply.

While we don’t think that diesels will leave our streets in the next few years, we’re certain that attitudes are changing towards electric vehicles, which is good news for our environment.

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