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How can drivers help the environment?

Drivers of EVs and hybrids may think their positive environmental impact is small. However, as detailed below, simply driving these cars can have several positive effects for the planet and their local area.

Reduced dependence on fossil fuels:

Even from the first charge, EV drivers are helping to reduce their use of fossil fuels. Not only are they using electricity that may come from renewable sources, they are also decreasing the consumption of petrol and diesel. This creates a domino effect, where the decreased demand means a reduction in the extraction, refining, and transportation of fossil fuels.

This reduced dependency can be further complimented by drivers signing up to a green electricity tariff with their provider. This tariff means that some or all of the electricity bought is matched by purchases of renewable energy that the energy supplier makes on the customer’s behalf. These can come from a variety of renewable energy sources such as wind, hydro and solar power.

Less harmful emissions:

Thanks to the electric motors, EVs produce zero tailpipe emissions everywhere they go, with hybrid cars achieving this same impact in towns using the in-built electric motor. The increased MPG from this motor also means that hybrids burn fewer fossil fuels.

This leads to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, including carbon dioxide and other pollutants that are produced compared to driving a traditional internal combustion engine powered car. Research by the European Energy Agency found that carbon emissions of a hybrid car are around 17-30% lower than driving a petrol or diesel car.

An improved local community:

These reduced emissions don’t just help the planet, they also help improve the local air quality by eliminating emissions of harmful pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and volatile organic compounds that contribute to smog and respiratory problems. EVs and hybrid therefore have a positive impact on the local community’s health, especially in urban areas with high traffic congestion.

The environment is also more than particles, with EVs and hybrids running far quieter compared to the combustion engine, reducing noise pollution in urban areas. This can lead to more peaceful and liveable communities.

Tusker’s commitment:

Even getting a car through Tusker helps the environment! As our Green Credentials section highlights, we have been a carbon-neutral business since 2010 and offset the exhaust emissions of all the salary sacrifice cars we put on the road against a Verified Carbon Standard offsetting project.

As a reward for our efforts, we have won the Green Apple Environmental Award for Environmental Best Practice for the last few years, meaning drivers can be assured that they are helping the environment when they get their vehicle through us.

Our Green Credentials

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