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FAQ’s Answered: Why can’t I find the car I want?

What is the process of looking for my next car with Tusker?

With Tusker, you can kiss goodbye to the constant admin and unpredictable costs of owning a car, and instead enjoy driving a brand new, environmentally friendly one with no hassle instead.

Not only a brand-new car to be enjoyed for business or pleasure, they come as part of a fully inclusive package, with insurance, breakdown cover and servicing included as part of a fixed monthly amount, there is no hassle, and no unexpected bills to worry about.

It’s easy to find your next new car with Tusker, thanks to our clever online portal. It can show you cars that fit your budget, your preferred fuel type, manufacturer and model and you can even choose colours, trim levels and optional extras for your car, making it perfect for you. We have a huge choice available, so finding the perfect car for your needs couldn’t be easier.

Better still, with Tusker you have no deposit to worry about, and the monthly cost comes straight from your salary, giving you savings on tax and National Insurance, especially for zero and low emission vehicles.

Why won’t some cars show up when I search?

If you are searching for a car, but the one you have in mind isn’t coming up on your search results in the portal, there are a number of reasons why this could be.

  1. Your employer has set a C02 emissions cap for your company policy. It could be that the car you are looking for has emissions above the limit that your company has set for it’s car policy. As Tusker’s system will only let you view cars that match the criteria for your company, we take all of the vehicles out of the results that aren’t suitable for you, saving you time. If this is the case, then why not look at an EV, hybrid or low emission model instead? Most EV’s and hybrids now have a very good range, and they will probably need charging less than you imagine, so why not see what’s on offer. The lower the emissions, the lower your tax will be, too
  2. The car you are searching for is above your monthly budget. As the car is provided as a benefit of employment, there are rules about affordability which we have to abide by. This is to ensure you don’t reach the National Living Wage minimum levels. If the car you’re looking for will take you close to National Living Wage, then it will be taken out of the results. You could look for other options by changing the model type, or amending the options to bring the car back within your range. As with number 1, remember that the lower the emissions, then more you will save, so think green to spend less!
  3. Tusker might be waiting on more information from the manufacturer about the model you want.As manufacturers change the specs of their cars quite often, it is possible that we are waiting for the latest specs on that vehicle. If this happens, the car won’t appear in your results, as we don’t want to give you a quote based on outdated information. When this happens, we are usually able to give you a manual quotation instead, based on what we have on our system.

If you can’t find the car you are looking for and want to know why, then get in touch with the Tusker Employee Engagement Team. You can call them on 0333 400 7431 or email

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