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Everything you need to know about the new Ford Explorer EV

The world of electric SUVs is becoming a densely populated place with just about every manufacturer capitalising on their popularity. The new Ford Explorer EV joins the party with bold design and promising levels of practicality.

What is the Ford Explorer EV?

Launched to much global fanfare, Ford’s new electrified SUV brings the Explorer name to European shores and is expected to become a smash hit. Engineered in collaboration with Volkswagen, the new EV will rival the Volkswagen ID.4, Audi Q4 E-tron, and Tesla Model Y.

Embracing a new bold US-inspired design language, the Ford Explorer EV will be available to order from late 2023 and will hit the UK’s roads in early 2024. Ford claims that this vehicle will provide the blueprint for future electrified Ford models.

Ford Explorer

How far can the Ford Explorer go on a full charge?

The Ford Explorer EV is claimed to be capable of covering up to 335 miles on a charge dependent upon the variant. An entry-level rear-wheel drive model equipped with a 55kWh battery will cover 218 miles, but a larger 82kWh option extends this to the headline 335 miles. For those looking for performance and all-wheel drive, a 335bhp variant fitted with the larger battery has a range of 305 miles.

How long does it take to charge the Ford Explorer EV?

That depends on which battery you opt for. All are capable of charging from a 7kW home wallbox, but the fastest speed will be achieved via rapid charging. The smaller 55kWh setup can charge at up to 130kW and the larger 82kWh pack 170kW. Both options take just 25 minutes to go from 10-80%.


How practical is the Ford Explorer EV?

Electric SUVs do offer some added practicality over their conventional hatchback counterparts. A higher ride height not only provides a sense of security behind the wheel but also allows easier access and reduced levels of gymnastics when fitting things like child seats – ideal for growing families.

The Ford Explorer EV takes full advantage of its packaging, seating five in comfort with plenty of space afforded to those in the back. Clever storage solutions mean there’s loads of space for life’s miscellanea, including an ingenious hidden storage cubby behind the large touchscreen infotainment system.

Boot space is 450 litres, making it more than big enough for the weekly shop or a medium-sized dog. The floor can be adjusted to eliminate the boot edge lip or maximise the depth of this cargo space.

What tech does the Ford Explorer EV offer?

The centerpiece of the cabin is a large 15-inch portrait touchscreen display of which its angle can be adjusted per the driver’s preference. In its most upright position, the display reveals a hidden storage space that’s ideal for storing valuables such as pricey sunglasses or handheld tech. Ford boasts that this system offers the largest and most integrated Apple CarPlay experience in this segment.

A nice analog piece of engineering is that one of the storage dividers in a large central storage box also doubles up as an ice scraper.

The new Ford Explorer will be available to order in late 2023 for delivery in early 2024.

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