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Electric car salary sacrifice for UK employees

Salary sacrifice – the better way to drive an electric car for thousands of UK employees.

Having recently launched salary sacrifice schemes with household names such as EDF, Siemens, Anglian Water and ScottishPower, opening the scheme to more than 1500 companies across the UK, Tusker continue to prove that salary sacrifice is more popular than ever before.

Businesses from SMEs to large corporates, as well as the public sector, continue to see the benefit of providing the car scheme to help employees make the switch to electric vehicles.

Why Tusker?

While many are facing rising living costs, Tusker’s drivers are using salary sacrifice car benefit schemes to access new and environmentally friendly vehicles at affordable prices. Not only are there great savings for Tusker drivers for their new car, the scheme also includes of insurance, breakdown cover, replacement tyres, servicing, maintenance, windscreens and MOTs. And with a fixed monthly amount, the car benefit scheme ensures savings on electric cars are guaranteed and unexpected car expenses are a thing of the past.

Salary sacrifice is a great way of encouraging drivers to adopt more environmentally friendly modes of transport, giving confidence to the industry that the environmental and economic benefits that it gives to the UK’s drivers is recognised by the Government, attracting only 2% Benefit in Kind each year until 2025, and then 1% additionally each year until 2028.


More and more companies are moving to salary sacrifice and market leaders, Tusker, not only because of their sustainability focus and the fact that Tusker offers carbon neutral driving thanks to offsetting emissions, but also thanks to the robust range of employer and employee protections. During times of uncertainty in particular, these are crucial for many companies as they cover both the employee and employer for major lifestyle changes, including redundancy, resignation and long term sickness. It means companies are able to offer the benefit without fear of being left with the cost of cars, should their employees leave the organisation.

With prices in the used car market at an all-time high, and personal leasing products often requiring a significant deposit, salary sacrifice continues to provide an affordable way for drivers to get into a brand new electric car.

Plus, Tusker offers employees a wide range of cars to suit all budgets including both built to order models and those available at short notice, as thanks to its arriving soon page, Tusker offers excellent choice and value ensuring that employees can move to a new electric car, in just a few weeks.

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