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Driving the EV Revolution

Tusker fast tracking carbon savings as part of the EV revolution.

Tusker has been committed to providing car schemes for the benefit of all since 2009, now working with over 1300 customers and with over 1.3 million people eligible for the scheme. It has been proudly offering carbon neutral driving since 2010, offsetting all the emissions on the road. Tusker is committed to helping more employees into new, affordable, and more environmentally friendly vehicles.

A advocate for electric vehicles

As a tireless advocate for electrified motoring, Tusker joined the EV 100 Group in 2020, adding its name to a growing list of companies committed to switching their owned and contracted fleets to electric vehicles and installing charging infrastructure for employees and customers by 2030. Tusker is on track to achieve these milestones ahead of time.

Through advocacy of EVs and ULEVs, the switch to EV is well underway for Tusker customers, and momentum is increasing. In 2019, just 13% of its salary sacrifice vehicles were EV. Two years on and this figure has climbed to 73%, and looks set to rise further in 2023, with more than 80% of Tusker’s order book for 2022 being for electric cars.


Why Tusker?

Tusker’s shift to electric cars is in part due to the way salary sacrifice works – it allows employees to drive a cleaner, safer car, while making savings and therefore drive an electric car when they otherwise would not be able to. A scheme that offers protections for employers and employees should their circumstances change, and which is available on a variety of frameworks and employee benefit platforms.

Tusker recognises that some employees need support and guidance to find the car that’s right for them and so their team of in-house experts are in place to provide fully independent advice to customers. Knowledgeable and impartial, the team ensures that all Tusker drivers are in the right vehicle for their needs. Especially important for anyone new to EVs, the team also provides expert advice on understanding battery technology, charging and vehicle ranges. Tusker translates the technology making it easier to understand. With Tusker the process of choosing an EV could not be easier.

Commitment to Sustainability

The positive benefits of this fundamental switch amongst Tusker drivers – away from petrol and diesel and into electric – is also delivering remarkable benefits to the environment.  In just three years, Tusker has lowered its average ordered car’s emissions from 107.9g/Km, to just 36.6/Km, and this average looks set to fall even further in 2022.

However, Tusker does realise that while many of its drivers are now switching to EVs, there are still some for whom the switch away from internal combustion remains a step too far. For the drivers unable to change to EVs, for reasons of charging or daily mileage, Tusker is proud to offset 100% of the vehicle emissions across the life of the vehicles contract. Based on CO2 emissions, annual mileage, and agreement length, Tusker calculates the exact emissions of these internal combustion vehicles, and offsets them via Verified Carbon Standards programs.

To ensure that its environmental efforts are more than just mere tokens, Tusker is also working closely with Carbon Footprint Ltd, a leading carbon consultancy business since 2010. Tusker utilises verified carbon offsetting programs to ensure that its actions are making a difference to the environment. In one instance, in 2020, the company offset 132 tonnes of C02 via a solar farm project in the Philippines as it celebrated its 11th year as a carbon neutral business. At the same time, it became a founding partner of World EV Day.

In 2022, Tusker celebrated Energy Saving Week 2022 with the announcement that it had surpassed another environmental milestone, having offset more than 250,000 tonnes of carbon emissions via Verified Carbon Standard programs.

With sustainability as a core Tusker value and the results speaking for themselves, Tusker really is leading the charge when it comes to introducing EV motoring to the masses. Take a look at our green credentials to understand Tusker’s committed to the environment:

Our Green Credentials


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